HauteLook.com! :)

I don’t know if I’m very late at discovering this page, but I found it today and it has so much gorgeous NYX makeup for sale, between 50 and 75 % off retail prices! 😀 I definitely have to do a little bit of shopping here today! They sell clothes, jewlery, accessories and so on too 🙂

But what I was mostly shocked by was that they sell The NYX Box of eyeshadows, 112 colours, for only 21 $ today! :O I bought it for 35 $ 😛 This is one of my favorite palettes and if you want, you can check out my review on it here: https://glittergirlc.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/review-nyx-box-of-eye-shadows-112-colors/

I just thought I’d share this page with you, since they sell great makeup at a very good price. 😀 http://www.hautelook.com 🙂


4 thoughts on “HauteLook.com! :)

    • Ja, de har salg på visse produkter i et par dager og så er det noen nye produkter som er på salg. 😛 I tillegg, da jeg skulle betale, fant jeg ut at de ikke sender til Norge 😦 Så tenkte å fjerne dette innlegget, men det kan jo være at folk fra USA og Canada kan finne annen sminke de vil ha der, på tilbud. 🙂

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