New Years Eve Makeup: Champagne Glitz!

Hey beauties! ❤

You can’t go wrong with glitter on New Years Eve, right!? 😀 I’ve created this more wearable, glittery champagne look, so that you can sparkle along with the fireworks! 😉
I’ve been using only Makeup Geek eyeshadows for this look and the glitter is from TheNailDazzle! 🙂 I hope you like it! ❤

New Years Eve glittery makeup champagne

Products used:

  • Lime Crime – Eyeshadow helper
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadows in Bleached Blond, Purely Naked, Mocha, Bada Bing, Vanilla Bean, Shimma Shimma and Cocoa Bear
  • Makeup Geek – Gel liner in Mobster
  • TheNailDazzle – Glitter Glue
  • TheNailDazzle – Acrylic in Champagne
  • Ardell – False eyelashes in nr. 118
  • L’Oreal – Voluminous Carbon Black mascara
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencil in Milk

Glittery champagne New years eve makeup look

Glittery Champagne New years eve makeup look

Happy New Year everyone! 😀 I hope your 2013 becomes wonderful! ❤ ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂


20 thoughts on “New Years Eve Makeup: Champagne Glitz!

  1. Happy New Year! I hope yours is full of glitter and happiness!
    Love the look. The warm brown colours look gorgeous against your eye colour! I like how you did your liner first and then the glitter. I think I might try that next time.

    • Happy New Year to you too, Michty! 😀 Thank you, I hope so for you as well! ❤
      It's easier to apply the liner first, if it's a gel liner 🙂 If you're using a liquid liner, you can apply it afterwards! 😉

    • Thank you, sweetie! 😀 Yay! Awesome that you got Cocoa Bear! I know you’ll love it! 😉 I don’t usually like brown, cuz it’s a bit boring, but that color is amazing! ❤

  2. I was lucky enough to score *5* colors in the clearance sale! I checked your swatches on a few before I ordered because I wasn’t so sure I NEEDED them. Turns out I did!

  3. Hi! I. love. you. !!!
    Your work really inspires me! You are seriously a genious.
    I wish i was half as good as you ç_ç
    And i wish you could find some time to answer my questions TnT
    I apologize in advance for this impossibly long message XD

    Here we go:
    1. I’v never used glitter, because i found them too hard… but i’ve always liked them..
    Also my skin is not as good as yours. I am recovering from acne, so i was always scared to put to much stuff on my face.
    Now I’d like to learn from you and finally start using glitters more! But I only have one shade from NYX that i bought online….
    And most importantly i don’t have a glue ç_ç
    I’ve tried to search online for the one you use, from TheNailDazzle, but the online shop does not ship to Italy and i am italian T___T
    I tried to look for some other brand and i found that Too Faced, which is sold here, produces one Glitter Glue.
    What do you think about it? Have you ever tried it?
    It seems to be a cream, so I wonder if it’ll be a problem to apply it on the eyshadow.
    Ive also read online that some people use the Duo lash glue for glitter as well. Dunno if that is right or wrong though, what do you think?
    2. If I will find that I’m able to manage glitters (lol im so scared haha), i would like to buy some more shades.. and among the few good brands available in shops here, MAC is the only one that sells them. But they are too expensive for me. ç_ç
    So do you suggest i keep going with NYX, or maybe try Lime Crime? Some shops ship them to Italy. (I also wanna order from Nyx’s shop to buy a MILK jumbo eyepencil.. love the use you make of it<3)
    3. Finally, third and last question: I wish you could, if you ever find the time and want to, make a brief tutorial about your Sigma brush set, because i would like to buy one if i get to save up enough money. And i want to use it as wisely as i can lol.
    I know that the use of every brush is indirectly explained in every tutorial you make, but sometimes i miss some of the things you say because of my poor english.

    I so hope you will answer me,
    Thank you very much and Happy New Year from Italy!

    • Aww, thank you so much! That means a lot! ❤

      1. Try to use only mineral products on your skin… that's what I have to do, cuz my skin breaks out from everything else 😛
      I haven't tried the Too Faced glue, but I've heard it's very good, and I would have used it on top of the eyeshadow 🙂 Don't use DUO as base for the glitter… it's just too harsh for the skin, but I know people do it x) Go for the Too Faced one instead or NYX glitter creams ^_^

      2. Definitely go with NYX… it's the best glitter I know of so far… the Lime Crime ones I think are too expencive to be honest! 🙂
      You should definitely order NYX Milk, I know you'll love it ;D ❤ only apply a small amount though, so that it doesn't crease ^_^
      Don't be affraid to use glitter, just have fun with it 😉

      3. I've written a review about the set here on my blog if you want to check it out 🙂 It's a very good set for precision, but you also need a flat shader brush for your lid and blending brush for the crease 🙂 Here's the review:

      I hope you got the answers you needed, lovely! ❤

      Happy New Year ^_^

  4. Param, if you get some NYX glitters, you might want to try the Glitter on the Go glitters! I have some, and my fave shade is Champagne Bubble! 😉

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