Glitter Claw!

I love to put glitter everywhere! I just become so happy looking at beautiful glitter, hehe 😀 So with this look I went a little crazy with it! I had gone all weekend without creating a makeup look, because I use my boyfriend’s iphone4 camera to take pictures and he was on a trip with some friends. When he came home monday afternoon, I thought it was to dark outside to take pictures. But when the evening came, I just couldn’t keep my hands off of my makeup any longer. So I thought I could just try to fill in my eyebrows with glitter, just to see how it looked. I was happy about the result, so I continued doing my makeup and I ended up with this look. I used lamp light to take the pictures, so it turned out okay, even without the sunlight. 🙂

I guess that when you don’t plan to do a spesific look, but do what you feel like at the moment, it can turn out great. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy and try something different! 😉

Products I used:

  • Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • NYX – Box of eyeshadows, 112 colors
  • NYX – Glitterati glittercream palette
  • NYX – Glitter on the go in Summer Breeze
  • NYX – Glitter on the go in Cool Blue
  • NYX – Glitter on the go in Purple Velvet
  • L’Oreal – Super Liner
  • L’Oreal – Vollume million lashes mascara
  • False eyelashes from ebay.
  • No Logo – 15 Color Ultra Shimmer Cool Eyeshadow Palette

How to:

  1. Start with your eyebrows, so that you can wash off glitter fallouts, before you do your eyes.
  2. Fill in the eyebrows with a blue eyeshadow at the inner part and a purple one at the outer part. (This I do, so that if some parts don’t get covered with glitter, it will still look compound.)
  3. Apply a glitterbase all over your eyebrows. I used blue glitter cream from NYX at the inner part and purple glitter cream at the outer part.
  4. Take light blue loose glitter and apply it at the inner part of your eyebrow. Towards the middle, you can apply darker blue glitter.
  5. Then, apply purple loose glitter at the end of the eyebrow. Be very careful while applying the loose glitter and take your time, to make the shape exactly how you want it.
  6. To get rid of the fallouts, use tape and q-tips with makeup remover.
  7. Apply a primer to your lid and all the way up to your eyebrows. Also apply some under your eye.
  8. Use a piece of tape from the outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow.
  9. Apply NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk to your lid.
  10. Cut your crease with a purple colour and go a little bit further up with it. Blend this colour out with a lighter purple eyeshadow.
  11. Use a matte highlight below your eyebrows and blend this colour in with the light purple.
  12. Also apply a highlight to the inner corner of your eye.
  13. Use a liquid liner and create a black line close to your upper lash line, and wing it out.
  14. Remove the tape.
  15. Then, using the same method as with the eyebrows, you can put glitter underneath your eyes. Create a shape that makes these two lines of glitter, look like a claw.
  16. Use a white eye pencil on your waterline and set it with white eyeshadow.
  17. Put on mascara and false lashes, and the look is complete. 😀

Purple and blue glitter makeup

I hope you liked it. 🙂

GlitterGirlC 🙂


44 thoughts on “Glitter Claw!

  1. Im sorry to inform you but this is my photo … I did this a couple months ago and I had my friend take the photo for me and then she emailed me a couple days later … But I am on instagram and this is the photo that I used for the contest …. And its mine maybe its some kinda mix up but I would really apricate it if you did not tell my fellow instagramers that its not my work .

    • This is GlitterGirlC’s eye makeup you plagerizer! I can’t believe the NERVE. You need your head checked ourfashioncoutoure! How DARE you steal this! Hey Cecilie….post your page with ALL your looks so everyone will know who the REAL artist is! All one really has tondonos zoom on on your face to see that it’s YOUR EYES!! LOVE YA! 😉

    • Ourfashioncouture: We know this is not your picture. Stealing other peoples work is the lamest thing ever.
      We can SEE that this is Glittergirls eye. She puts alot of hard work behind her looks.
      Do your own looks!? How fun is it to win when the only thing you`ve done is steal a photo anyway??

    • You said you did this a couple of months ago, but this blog is from one year ago…. So which is it? You might have gotten away with it if you had spent two more seconds on your lie before you posted it.

    • Ok, “ourfashioncouture” .. if you just entered this in a contest and this is truly YOUR look, how come this blog entry is from a year ago? And also, if someone stole my work, I’d be angry. You don’t seem angry at all. And come on, what are the chances that you two made this same look? Sorry but I think I can speak for many of GlitterGirlC’s fans when I say that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to coincidentally create this look a year later and somehow have photos that look identical.

      You may have a reputation to protect, but if you want to create this look, follow her instructions, create the look AND GIVE HER CREDIT for the look at least. Artists usually don’t mind if you replicate looks, so long as you give them credit. People can respect that.

      Trying to make the creator of this art piece look like a liar or someone who is involved in a “mix up”, isn’t the best way to save your reputation. I just hope you learn from this sitatution and give people credit next time. It’s hard to believe that’s even the case, when the pictures are identical. I do hope you continue to work on looks and work on your technique, but entering someone elses’ pictures in a contest is a pretty low blow.

      You have one of two options in saving your reputation, in my personal opinion. 1) Admit fault and promise that it never happens again (**and apologizing to GlitterGirlC!**) or 2) make a new username and start over. Whichever way you go, give the credit and use your own pictures..

      I’ve been practicing my technique for a year and a half and there’s no way I’d even put myself in the same category as GlitterGirlC. I am going to continue practicing my technique and if I ever want to re-create a look, I’ll at least give the artist credit. Artists deserve that much from their admirers.

      I don’t mean to attack you. I don’t know you. I wish this was some sort of mix- up but you can see how this looks bad, right?

    • How on earth did she manage to steal your look that you did “a couple months ago” and post it a year ago?? Haha. I’m sorry to inform YOU, but you need to look at the details a little closer before you steal somebody’s work. And GlitterGirlC has a beautiful eyecolor that is recongnizable in every one of her looks. So how did she manage to steal your eye in every photo? Cecilie has a ton of followers who watch her tutorials and view her blog pictures. Next time you want to steal looks, try somebody who isn’t known for their gorgous makeup. Or better yet, put forth the effort and create your OWN makeup designs.

    • This just makes me laugh. You did this a couple months ago? Well, this is a year old blog entry. And there is no doubt in my mind that this is GrittergirlsCs beautiful work.
      If you are going to claim other peoples work as your own, at least TRY to be smart about it. But as a matter of fact, you should just try to create something beautiful on your own, it’s a lot more fun, and you recieve a lot more respect that way, stealing the work of really talented people is just plain sad.

    • I find it funny that you think this is yours? So your saying, you have the same exact eye color the same exact eye brows, face tint, and that she made up this whole tutorial? Wow funny how low you can get. Its very sad that you know that you could be no where near this good yet you still try to claim it as your own? Come on now. Karma is a bitch and she will be haunting you for a while now. Your a big ass fake.

  2. To steal others photos and clame its yours is just plain stupid! I do sincerly believe that Glittergirl made this, u can accualy see her atonomy match her other pics! Stop pretending, do something yourself, and be proud of that instead of stealing!!!

  3. Wow… “ourfashioncouture” you are cracked…. This is very obviously not your work, it is glittergirls. She has very distinctive style and also has more integrity in her pinky nail then you have in your entire body. Your envy of her skills has turned to intellectual property theft… Hope it makes you feel good, why dont you go practice your makeup skills and come up with your own images instead of theiving them from others. Diagusted

  4. Yes, on a positive note, this is a beautiful look! So beautiful I’m gonna steal it HAHA JK JK! I hope this girl learns her lesson. Sometimes people have to learn the hard way, unfortunately. This is a fantastic look and very creative. I like that you used mostly NYX. They’re an affordable and awesome company!

  5. I’m confused as to why this little fight is going on. No offense, but Cecile’s eye is the one in this picture; pretty obvious! There is NO WAY that some one else came up with this look. No one else on planet earth is any where near as creative as Cecile!

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