Review: NYX Box of Eye Shadows, 112 Colors!

The NYX Box of Eye Shadows is an eye shadow palette, which contains 112 colours. As you might have seen, I use this palette in a lot of my makeup looks. I want to give a review of this palette, just to show you what I like about it. 🙂

The palette has two layers. The top layer contains mostly neutral eye shadows and the lower layer has a lot of bright coloured ones. There are both matte, metallic, satin, shimmery and sparkly finishes.

Swatches of the matte eyeshadows in the palette:

Swatches of my favorite colours, (I also love many of the matte shadows):


I used a primer underneath the eyeshadows in the pictures, even though most of them are very pigmented! The swatches doesn’t show exactly how good the colours really look, but I hope you get an idea of how some of them are. 🙂

You can do a lot of looks with this palette: Natural eye, smokey eye, metallic eye, bright looks, shimmery – or matte looks, or you can mix different finishes.

This is a great palette if you want a lot of colours to experiment with, like I love to do 🙂 The shadows are very easy to apply and they blend very well. They also stay on all day!

All in all, the NYX Box of eyeshadows is a great and versatile palette that I love and use a lot! The only negative thing about it, is that it might be a little difficult to travel with. Other than that, I highly recommend it 🙂

I bought my palette for 35 $ at They often have it on sale. Like right now they have it for 27,99 $, which I think is a good price for all of those beautiful colours! 🙂

Stars: 5/5 🙂

I hope this was helpful!

GlitterGirlC 🙂


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