Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits – Review and lip swatches! :D

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In this video I swatch 11 of the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, together with my awesome friend Chioma! I hope it’s helpful! 😀

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Makeup Tutorial and Mini review – Sugarpill Sparkle Baby palette

Hi cuties! ❤ For this look I’ve used all the eyeshadows in the Sugarpill Sparkle Baby palette! 😀 It’s such a beautiful palette and I talk a little bit about it in the video, below! 😉 I hope you like the look! Sugarpill Sparkle Baby makeup Sugarpill Sparkle Baby makeup Video Tutorial:   Products used:

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette Makeup look Swatches of the shadows: Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Swatches Have an awesome weekend! 😀 GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review – Makeup Geek Pigments :D

Hi lovelies! ❤

This will be a review on 14 of Makeup Geek’s pigments! I’ll tell you my thoughts on these and show you some swatches! 😀

Makeup Geek pigments


makeup geek pigments swatches one

  • Blitz is a medium, redish brown with tiny, lighter brown/coppery sparkles in it.
  • Utopia is my favorite out of these pigments! It’s hard to describe the color of this one, but I would say it’s a glittery brown gold; a brown and gold duochrome. It is so intense and gorgeous! You can’t apply this on it’s own, cuz there will be fall out everywhere. So use a glitter glue before applying it or mix it with a mixing medium. In the picture, I’ve mixed it with the Illamasqua sealing gel. I know Inglot and Elf has mixing mediums as well and you can also use MAC Fix+.
  • Vegas Lights is my second favorite out of the bunch! This is the perfect, vibrant copper shade! In the picture I’ve swatched it dry, but this one will also look amazing when mixed with a mixing medium, (check out the Pocahontas look below, where I’ve used it wet, as a liner). It reminds me of a copper glitter that I have, so this is a shadow that is just as intense as a glitter! Amazing!
  • Liquid Gold is a super stunning, metallic gold shadow! When I look at it I think of old aztec gold. It has a green undertone which I think makes it perfect for an Egyptian or Arabic makeup look! This pigment is also beautiful when used wet, so definitely experiment a bit with these pigments to see if you like them best wet or dry!

makeup geek pigments swatches two

  • Paparazzi is a dark, smokey grey with lots of silver sparkles.
  • Birthday Wish is a beautiful peachy brown with tiny flecks of gold in it.
  • Kryptonite is a dark moss green, metallic shade, with gold sparkles.
  • Insomnia is a very unique shade! It’s a blue and brown duochrome. Normally it looks brown, but when the sun hits it, you can see a gorgeous blue sheen!

makeup geek pigments swatches three

  • Prince Charming is a metallic, shimmery grey shade, with a cold blue undertone.
  • Nightlife is a rose gold, brown shadow with tiny copper and gold sparkles in it.
  • Enchanted is a very pretty, dark plum eyeshadow with light pink sparkles.

makeup geek pigments swatches four

  • New Years Eve is a peachy nude with lots of gold glitters. It is the one that makes the most glittery fallout, but applied carefully, it will look gorgeous on the lid or as an inner corner highlight.
  • Sweet Dreams is a pinkish nude color, with slight shimmer to it. I would use this on the lid, for an everyday look.
  • Afterglow is a gorgeous champagne shade! It is similar to Sweet Dreams, but a lot more shimmery. So I would use Sweet Dreams on the lid for a daytime look and then pack this shade on top to make it into a night-time look! 😉

Some of my looks using these pigments:

Peacock makeup

In this Peacock look, I used Nightlife wet, to draw the brown parts of the “feathers”.

mulan makeup

Here I used Enchanted wet, as a liner. I also mixed in a tiny bit of a brighter pink.

Pocahontas makeup

In this Pocahontas inspired look, I’m using Vegas Lights as a liner.

Indian bridal makeup

In this look, I’m using Liquid Gold at the inner part of the lid and the lower lash line.

bridal makeup

On the lid here, I’ve used Afterglow. Look at that shine! 😀

Prom MakeupIn this look I’ve used Paparazzi all over the lid and Utopia to the center of the lid. At the inner corner of the eye, I’ve used Afterglow.

My overall thoughts on these pigments, is that they are so silky smooth (the softest pigments I’ve tried), easy to apply, and super pigmented! They look amazing both dry and wet, and I love using a lot of them wet, to create vibrant liners. ❤

It’s a bit messy to open and close the jars because they don’t have a sifter. But Marlena, the owner, has said that they are planning on adding sifters! 😀 You can also buy sifters on their website, to add to these jars! Also, New Years Eve and Utopia (dry) will give you some fall out, but the rest of them wont! But with all pigments and loose shadows, you should tap off the excess of your brush and pack the color on carefully, to avoid fall out!

The pigments are cuelty free, talc free and made in USA. Each pigment contains 1,4g/ 0,05oz of product and costs $6,99. I think that is a good price for the amazing quality of these shadows! 🙂 Makeup Geek ships worldwide and you can get their pigments, HERE 😀

I hope this review was helpful to you! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review: Lunatick Cosmetic Labs AlieNEON Palette!

Hi lovelies! ❤

This will be a review on the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs‘ SFX palette, called  AlieNEON! 😀

The palette consists of 12 gorgeous neon eyeshadows and a cute, round mirror!

lunatick cosmetick labs

Swatches of the eyeshadows: 

lunatick swatches 1

Here you can see a peach, an orange, a coral and a red! ^-^

lunatick swatches 2

Here you have a hot pink, a fuchsia, a purply blue and a blue! ❤

lunatick swatches 3

Yellow, green, white and black! 😀

The eyeshadows in this palette are super stunning!!! Well, you probably know that I love bright, neon colors, so it may not come as a shock! 😀 All of these shadows have a lot of glitter in them, which stay quite well on the eye! To make the most of the glitter stay, use a glitter glue as a base! 😉 The colors are pigmented and vibrant, but a bit powdery, so use an eye primer and a white base to make them smooth and pop! 😀

I love that this palette has the main neon colors, like yellow, green, orange and hot pink! But also that it has some very unique neons, like the coral, peach and fuchsia! ❤ I’m in LOVE with that fuchsia color! I’ve been looking for a shade like that for SO long, so this one has definitely been placed in my “top favorite eyeshadows”- list! 😉

Some of these colors are uv/blacklight responsive, but I haven’t been able to test out which ones those are. An other thing I thought I’d let you know, is that FDA has not tested or approved neon shadows to be use around the eye area, in USA. In EU they’re approved and safe to use. So, you use these at your own risk. I have sensitive eyes and neon pigments works great on my eyes! I’ve never had any problems using them! 🙂

The AlieNEON palette costs $45 and you can get it, HERE!

The dark blue and the pink shadow, contain 1,3g of product, each.

The rest of the shadows, each contain 0,95g.

An other thing I love about this palette, is that the shadows are cruelty free, talc free and vegan! ❤

Here are some looks that I’ve done, using the palette:

Neon lunatick look CANDY

Here, I used the yellow, orange and hot pink on the lid and lower lash line, and the purply blue in the crease! I also used the white shadow.

Anna frozen makeup

In this “Frozen Anna” look, I used the fuchsia color at the inner 2/3 of the lid!

neon lunatick makeup look

For this look, I used the yellow, orange and pink in the crease. I used the purply blue at the inner and outer part of the lid, with a glitter glue as a base to make the glitter pop! 😀

lunatick review

Here I used the fuchsia again, all over the lid! ❤

Now, I’m also going to show you a swatch of their lipstick in “Tainted Temptress”!

On the left you can see how it looks when I use a lot of product, and on the right when I only use a tiny bit! 🙂

Tainted Temptress

This is a super gorgeous, very pigmented, blackened berry lipgloss! I love berry lippies, and this one is no exception! ❤ It is so smooth and it doesn’t feel sticky at all on the lips! It feathers a bit, so use a lip liner before applying it! ^-^

lunatick look

On the left I’m wearing the lipgloss and on the right I’ve removed it, but I’m left with a beautiful pink stain that will last a long time! So you kind of get 2 different colors with this gloss, hehe! 😉 On my eyes, I’m using the fuchsia and the black from the palette!

The lipgloss contains 4g of product and costs $9, and you can get it HERE!

I hope this review was helpful to you lovelies! ❤

Have a great day!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review: The Body Needs! :D

Hi sweeties! ❤

This will be a review on the makeup company The Body Needs! 😀

They sell cruelty free, good quality and mineral products, such as both pressed and loose eyeshadows, lipsticks, glitters, rhinestones, blushes, concealers, brush cleansers and mixing medium! They also offer sample sizes of selected MAC products for those who want to try before investing in the full sized product! ^-^

The Body Needs

I will mainly focus on The Body Needs’ eyeshadows, lippies, blushes and glitters today!

Eyeshadow swatches: 

The Body Needs swatches

  • Tangerine: A light. shimmery peach.
  • Lemon Drop: Shimmery, bright yellow.
  • Raspberry Pink: Vibrant, shiny pink with a blue undertone.
  • Green Apple: A very pretty, shimmery apple green/ mint.

TBN Eyeshadows 2

  • Strawberry: Just as bright as Raspberry Pink and similar to it, but it’s a bit more coral.
  • Grape Soda: Shiny lilac shadow.
  • Blueberry: A gorgeous, shimmery, medium blue.
  • Atlantis: Vibrant, shimmery yellow, with a hint of lime.

TBN Eyeshadows 3

  • Juniper: A dark blue, with turquoise sparkles.
  • Aztec Yellow: A matte, darker yellow.
  • Sparkles Copper: A very sparkly, beautiful copper color.
  • Smoked Copper: A shimmery silver with flecks of copper in it.

The Body Needs Eyeshadows 4

  • Patina: Beautiful military green, with gold shimmer.
  • Russa: Such a gorgeous deep cranberry color, with lots of pink sparkles.
  • Blackened Violet: A dark, almost black violet with lots on violet flecks in it.
  • Blackened Turquoise: An amazing, sparkly, dark forrest green.

TBN Eyeshadows 5

  • Shamrock: Green with a beautiful sheen to it.
  • Helitrope: Shiny fuchsia color, with a blue undertone.
  • Autumn: A matte, dark shocolate colored shadow.

My thoughts on the eyeshadows, are that they are all very soft and easy to apply. They are super vibrant and blend easily! As with all other loose eyeshadows, you should tap off the extra shadow from your brush before applying them, so that you get the least amount of fall out! I have nothing bad to say about these! They are mineral which is great for people with sensitive eyes and the colors are gorgeous! 😀

The Body Needs ship worldwide, and you can get the pressed eyeshadows, HERE!

One pan of pressed shadow consists of 2g / 0,07oz of product and costs $3,99.

You can check out their loose eyeshadows HERE!

A 5g jar costs $1,99 and a 10g jar costs $3,79.

Now, over to the lipsticks/ lip lusters.

TBN lipsticks

  • Funky Ladybug: A true red color.
  • Cloyingly Coral: An orange coral.
  • Tender Kiss: A pinkish coral.
  • Girl Power: Light pink lippie.
  • Rumors: A fuchsia color.

I love these lip lusters! They are so soft, pigmented and they don’t bleed. Tender Kiss, Rumors and Cloyingly Coral smell like delicious strawberries! ❤ The only negative thing I have to say about these, is that it’s hard to twist the lippie down when you’ve twisted it up. So, be careful not to twist it too much right away! 😉

Each lip luster consists of 4g / 0,14oz and costs $2,79. You can buy them, HERE!

Glitter swatches: 

TBN Glitters

  • Holo-Pink: Gorgeous pink glitter, with lots of multicolored sparkles in it.
  • Purple Duochrome: Blue and purple duochrome glitter.
  • Rock Star: Orange glitter with yellow sparkles.

These are all very fine, eye safe glitters which cover very well! I love the colors and the texture of these!

Get them, HERE!

A 5g jar costs $1,99 and a 10g jar costs $3,79.


TBN Blushes

  • Sinful: Peachy pink with gold shimmer.
  • Lola: A nude corally color, with a tiny bit of sprakles in it.

These two blushes are gorgeous. Sinful is very light and sparkly. It’s a bit too glittery for an everyday look, but for a party, it’s perfedt! Lola leaves more of a matte finish, but you can see some shiny sparkles in it. I love that they are both buildable, so you can get the intensity you want!

You can find the blushes in the store, HERE!

Each jar contains 1,5g / 0,05oz of product and costs $2,99.

In conclusion, I think The Body Needs have a large variaty of good quality products to an affordable price! The eyeshadows are so gorgeous, the lippies are smooth and smell delicious, their glitters are beautiful and eye safe, and their blushes look amazing! 😀

Here are some looks I’ve done, using their shadows and glitters:

blue glittery prom look

Here I used “Blueberry” to blend out the darker blue in the crease.

Spring makeup look

In this look I used their eyeshadows in Strawberry (the red), Tangerine (the orange), Lemon Drop (the yellow) and Green Apple (minty green). I also used their glitter in Rock Star, in the crease.


I used TBN eyeshadows in Atlantis (inner part of the lid), Green Apple (middle of the lid), Blackened Turquoise (outer part of the lid), Shamrock (blending color in the crease), Blueberry (inner 2/3 of the lower lash line), Juniper (outer 1/3 of the lower lash line). I also used their glitter in Purple Duochrome on the lower lash line.

St. Davids day makeup look

In this St. Davids’s day inspired look, I used their yellow eyeshadow Lemon Drop as a lid color and the green color Shamrock at the inner part of the cut crease!

I hope this review helped you out, lovelies! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review: Star Crushed Minerals

Hi sweethearts! ❤

This will be a review of the makeup company Star Crushed Minerals, which sells mineral eyeshadows, mineral foundations, mineral blushes, glitters and nail polishes! 😀

In this review I will focus on the eyeshadows, which I’ve been trying out this fall and winter! You might have seen me doing some looks using these shadows, but if you haven’t, you can check them out below! 😉

star crushed minerals

I love the fact that the eyeshadows are mineral shadows, because that makes them a lot better too use on sensitive eyes! They are also cruelty free and free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, talc, cornstarch, bismuth oxvchloride, fragrance and chemicals! 😀 An other awesome thing is that the shadows are preservative free, which means that they will not go bad!

All of the eyeshadows are hand blended by the owner! I should also mention that she makes the shadows when the orders come in, so it might take 5 – 7 business days to recieve the package. ^-^

Now on to some swatches! 😀

SCM Swatches 1

Deep Ocean Blue: This is an absolutely stunning blue, with lots of tiny turquoise sparkles in it, which give it that ocean blue feeling!

Electric Lime: This is a gorgeous, shimmery lime shadow!

Purple People Eater: A deep purple with red sparkles! The sparkles in these eyeshadows doesn’t show very well in the picture above, but they are definitely showing in real life! 😀

Candy Apple Red: This is a very vibrant, shimmery, true red!

Yellow Brick Road: This yellow is shimmery, bright and beautiful!

SCM Swatches 2

Superman: The swatch does definitely not give this gorgeous blue justice! It is a deep blue, with lots of amazing purple sparkles! It is the perfect dupe to Sugarpill’s Electro Cute pigment in Hellatronic! 😉

Coral Pink: A pinkish coral shadow, with yellow sparkles!

Purple Lily: A shimmery, lovely warm purple!

Milkyway: This is a dark brown, almost black color with some gorgeous multi- colored glitters!

Shooting Star: A shimmery, ice white, which is beautiful to use at the inner corner of the eye!

SCM Swatches 3

Emerald City: A moss green, with lots of multi- colored sparkles!

Lucky Penny: A very pretty, shimmery mustard yellow!

Black Garnet: This deep burgandy is incredible! I wish you could see the amazing red sheen it has in real life!

Lavender Star: A lovely, light lavender, with a shimmery finish!

Black Amethyst: This is a shimmery, deep purple eyeshadow!

SCM Swatches 4

California Poppy: A shimmery, pumpkin orange!

Magenta: This is a matte, magenta color!

Black Sapphire: A gorgeous dark green, with lots of blue sparkles!

White Bronze: Shimmery white, with a beautiful pink sheen to it!

Deep Cranberry: This shadow is a shimmery cranberry!

SCM Swatches 5

Fire Opal Black: This black eyeshadow has a very pretty purple sheen to it, which you can’t see from the swatch!

Avocado: A shimmery, true avocado color!

Chocolate Cupcake: A dark brown with some beautiful multi- colored sparkles!

Golden Mustard: This is a lot lighter, mustard colored shadow, than Lucky Penny! It is very sparkly as well!

Golden Rose: A very pretty, glittery baby pink!

My overall thoughts about these shadows, are that they’re very soft, pigmented, easy to use and blend, vibrant and simply gorgeous! I wish the pictures could show the beautiful sparkles better! Most of the sparkle stays on the lid, which I think is great! To get all the glitter to stay, you can use a glitter adhesive before applying the shadow!

These are loose eyeshadows, so you will get a little bit of fall out! Tap off the excess from your brush and apply a small amount at a time, to prevent most of it!

Some of my looks using Star Crushed Minerals:

Green Smokey Eye:

Green Smokey eye

Green Smokey eye

Here I used Avocado at the highest part of the crease, Emerald City directly into the crease, Black Sapphire on the lid, Fire Opal Black on the waterline and White Bronze at the inner corner of the eye.

Cranberry Smokey Eye:

Cranberry smokey eye

Cranerry smokey eye

In this look I used Deep Cranberry in the crease, Black Garnet on the lid, Lucky Penny at the inner corner of the eye and Black Sapphire on the lower lash line.

Blue and lime look:

Blue and lime makeup

Blue and lime makeup look

Here I used Deep Ocean Blue at the inner lid, Superman at the outer lid, Shooting Star at the inner corner of the eye, Electric Lime on the lower lash line and Milkyway as a liner, (mixed with a mixing medium).

The price of the eyeshadows depends of the quantity you want to buy:

0,5g of product cost $2,5, 1g cost $5 and 2,5g cost $10.

You save the most on the 2,5g jars. I would recommend buying the 0,5g jars first to test out the colors, and if you find ones you really love, you can buy a 2,5g jar! 😉

Star Crushed Minerals ship worldwide! Check out their store, HERE! 😀

I hope this review was helpful to you lovelies! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review and swatches: LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs!

Hi sweethearts! ❤

This will be a review of the makeup company LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs! I was sent some samples of some of their eyeshadows, a primer and a lip stick, to try out. I’ve used them in some of my looks now, as you can see below, and I’d like to share with you my thoughts about their products. 🙂

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs offers eyeshadow palettes, loose eyeshadows, lipsticks, SFX, glitter and more. Their products are also cruelty free, vegan and talc free, which I love! 😀

lunatick cosmetic labs

At the bottom right in this picture, you can see their eyeshadow primer. It is white, which makes any eyeshadow color pop and it also applies very smoothly!

Eyeshadow swatches:

Lunatick cosmetic labs swatches

Menus is a warm, matte purple, which is very smooth and easy to apply.

Cyanide is a neon orange shade, with some gold sparkles. It has a matte texture and applies well.

Poison Apple is a matte, lime green. This one is a bit chunky and doesn’t cover very well. So, be sure to use a primer and a white base or LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs’ own white primer, before applying this eyeshadow. Also, it goes from being a litght lime green when you apply it, to more of a medium lime when you’ve worn it for a few minutes.

Toxicity is a matte, baby blue color. This one also goes from being a baby blue at first, to a medium blue after a few minutes. It’s a bit chunky and doesn’t cover evenly unless you use a good eye primer.

The Yellow Pill is a light yellow shadow, with tiny gold sparkles to it. This one is very smooth and blends well.

All of these eyeshadows are very pretty! The first 4 shadows are from the Toxic Palette, which is $25, while The Yellow Pill is from the Asylum Palette, which also costs $25.

In this Donald Duck inspired look, I’m using Cyanide, Toxicity and The Yellow Pill.

Toxicity, Cyanide and The Yellow Pill

In this Dog Paws look I’m using Menus on the lid and the shadow Pinhead (inner corner), which you can see a swatch of below.

dog paws

Here are some swatches of their Kromatick Silk loose eyeshadows:

Lunatick cosmetick labs swatches 3

Psycho is a deep, redish brown with blue sparkles. This is the only one of the Kromatick Silk shades that’s a bit chunky, but it applies well.

Dr. Jekyll (or Dr. Jekell as it says on their site) is a shimmery, true gold. It’s smooth and blends easily. This is the perfect dupe for Sugarpill Cosmetic’s loose eyeshadow in Goldilux, which you can see from my look below.

Dracula’s Dream is a shimmery, blue and purple duo chrome. This one is also smooth and it covers very well.

Freddy’s Back! is a shimmery, dark pink. It applies well and is easy to blend.

Pinhead is a shimmery silver color, which is beautiful as an inner corner highlight. I used it as that in the Dog Paws look, above.

All of the Kromatick Silk shadows are so smooth, pigmented and applies like a dream! I love these beauties and will definitely recommend them! Each of the loose shadows costs $12 and you get 20 grams of product.

In this look I’ve used Dr. Jekell at the inner and outer part of the lid, and in the middle I’ve used Sugarpill’s Goldilux, so you can see how similar these two shadows are!

lunatick cosmetick labs jekell

A few more eyeshadow swatches:

Lunatick cosmetic labs swatches 2

Sister Mary is a pure matte white. It’s a bit chunky, but it’s pigmented and applies well.

Confinement is a very dark brown, almost black shadow. It’s matte, covers well and blends easily.

Red Rum Red is a dark, rusty red, with a satin finish. This one is very smooth and has a good coverage.

Amberzombie & Ditch is a beautiful royal blue with turquoise sparkles. It’s very similar to Sugarpill’s loose eyeshadow in Royal Sugar.

All of these shadows are very pigmented! Sister Mary and Confinement are from LCL’s Asylum Palette. Red Rum Red and Amberzombie & Ditch are from their Zombie Defense Palette, and they are both super smooth and blend nicely! The Zombie Defense Palette costs $25 and contains 6 shadows.

In this Goofy inspired look I’m using Amberzombie & Ditch on my lid, mixed with the Illamasqua sealing gel.

Amberzombie and Ditch

Below, you can see 3 swatches of the shadow Toxicity, applied over different primers. In the left swatch I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a base and it doesn’t show up too much. In the middle, I’m using NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk, which gives a vibrant and nice finish. For the right swatch, I used LCL’s own primer. It makes the shadow a lot more vibrant, but it leaves a bit more cracks in the shadow. You can also see from this swatch that the baby blue is starting to become more of a medium blue. So, I would recommend using a primer and NYX Milk as a base for the lime and the baby blue color, or LCL’s primer. The rest of the shadows looks good with any primer underneath!


ApocalipSTICK swatch:

Lunatick cosmetics Sucker Punch PinkThis is one of their lip sticks (or ApocalipSTICK), in Sucker Punch Pink. It’s the perfect neon pink, applies smoothly and smells like delicious lemon cake! 😉 It costs $7,50.

Overall, I really like their products! The eyeshadows are so beautiful, pigmented and blends nicely! The lip stick is smooth and super vibrant, and the primer makes the eyeshadows pop!

You can get all of LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs’ products, HERE! 😀

I hope this review was helpful! ❤ Have an amazing day!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Review and look! :D

Hi cuties! ❤

Today I’m reviewing the Cold Chemistry palette by Sugarpill Cosmetics! ❤ The packaging of this palette is so gorgeous, with the diamonds and the broken glass! And I love that the colors on the packaging represent all the shadows in the palette! 😀

It consists of 4 eyeshadows: Diamond Eyes, Soot & Stars, Subterranean and Elemental Chaos. These colors are definitely different from all the other bright and colorful Sugarpill shadows. These are more dark and glamorous, which represents the beautiful Amelia Arsenic, that Sugarpill collaborated with to make this palette! ^-^

sugarpill cold chemistry palette

sugarpill cold chemistry palette

Here are the swatches of the shadows. I used Too Faced Shadow Incuranse as a primer.

sugarpill cold chemistry swatches

Subterranean: This is a peacock green with navy blue undertones. It has green sparkles and a metallic look to it!

Elemental Chaos: A shimmery, dark grape color. This one also has navy blue undertones and it looks very metallic.

Diamond Eyes: A shimmery, frosty white shadow. I think it is beautiful to place as a highlight at the inner corner of the eye.

Soot & Stars: This is a gunmetal/black eyeshadow with lots of gorgeous, colorful sparkles to it!

subterranean and elemental chaos swatches cold chemistry

Here you can see swatches of Subterranean and Elemental Chaos in different lightings and angles. You can see in the picture below that they are quite metallic! 🙂

subterranean and elemental chaos swatches cold chemistry sugarpill

My overall thoughts about these eyeshadows, is that they are very pigmented and easy to blend, like all the other Sugarpill eyeshadows! 😀 They are a bit powdery, like most pigmented shadows, so tap off the extra shadow from your brush before application, so you get as little fall out as possible! They are easy to apply and look very soft and smooth on the eyes!

The colors look good and vibrant both with and without a primer, and they are all very sparkly and I love that the sparkle stay in place on the eyes! So, I definitely love all the shadows! ❤

Each of the eyeshadows are 3,5 grams / 0,12 oz. Each shadow costs $12 seperately, which means that the total value of the palette is $48. The palette costs $34, so you save $14 by buying the whole palette in stead of buying the shadows individually. I think it’s an awesome price considering the amount of product you get and the wonderful quality!

You can get the palette, HERE! This is my affiliate link, which you can use if you want to! 🙂

Now, on to the look I did using all the shadows in this palette! 😉

cold chemistry makeup look

Video tutorial:

Products used:

  • Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencils in Milk and Black Bean
  • Sugarpill – Eyeshadows in Subterranean, Elemental Chaos, Soot & Stars and Diamond Eyes
  • Makeup Geek – Gel liner in Immortal
  • L’Oreal – Super Liner in Carbon Gloss
  • L’Oreal – False lash wings mascara
  • Elise – Purple false eyelashes

cold chemistry makeup look sugarpill cosmetics

sugarpill cold chemistry makeup look

sugarpill cold chemistry palette makeup look

I hope you liked both the look and the review! Have a wonderful week! 😀

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sugarpill Electro Cute – Makeup look and Review!

Hi darlings! ❤

A couple of weeks ago I got the new neon pigments by Sugarpill Cosmetics, called ElectroCutes! 😀 I have been drooling over these since I saw a picture of them from IMATS LA last summer, and now they are finally available online! I’m so excited! ❤ I’ve used these since I got them, to test out which primers are best to use with them, how long the glitter in them lasts and their overall qualities!

Sugarpill packaging electrocutes

Swatches of the pigments:

Suharpill electrocute swatches

The bottom picture is taken in direct sunlight, so I had to add it! The shadows look soooooo sparkly and beautiful when the sun hits them! ❤ I’m using Too Faced Shadow Insurance as a primer and NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk as a base.

Supercharged: Sugarpill describes it as a “flaming coral orange with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.”

It’s a gorgeous peachy color and it glows under UV blacklight! I found this one to be the least pigmented of them, but the one I would use the most in an everyday look!

Sparkage: Sugarpill describes it as a “radioactive lime green with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.”

It’s definitely a vibrant lime green shade!

Love Buzz: Sugarpill describes it as a “brilliant neon hot pink with yellow/orange/red color-shifting super sparkles.”

This pigment also glows under UV blacklight. I think this one is my favorite, just because I love pink and this is the most vibrant, almost electric hot pink I’ve ever seen! Perfect to create a Barbie look with, for Halloween! 😉

Hi-Viz: Sugarpill describes it as a “blazing neon yellow with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.”

It’s a medium yellow shade and I think this is the most beautiful yellow shadow I have!

Hellaronic: Sugarpill describes it as “fluorescent indigo with red/purple/blue color-shifting super sparkles.”

It’s a dark blue, which is a bit more on the purply side than their Royal Sugar chromalust. I love them both!

Overall opinion:

These are super vibrant, neon eyeshadows with lots of glitter in them! They are very pigmented, (not a surprise since it’s Sugarpill 😉 ), and they cover your lid very well! I would use one of these colors at a time when doing a look and I would place it on the lid. This is because they don’t blend very well together as you can see in my look below, (I wasn’t able to blend the blue and the green on the lid very nicely together.) And also, when you blend them out in the crease, most of the glitter dissapears. But one color on the lid will look amazing! ❤

Sugarpill electro cute makeup look

If you want a really intense color on the lid and all the glitter to stay put, I would use a glitter adhesive! I used Violet Voss’ adhesive and it kept everything in place! If you are going to place any of these pigments in the crease or want a more subtle lid color (with that I mean less glitter), then use your favortie primer first followed by a white base, like NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk or the white base in the MUFE Flash palette! This is because, with a primer and white base it’s easier to blend them, while with the glitter adhesive they are impossible to blend. So adhesive on the lid and white base in the crease! 🙂

As I say in the video, 60% of the glitter remained on my eyes with the use of Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the white base from the Flash palette. The rest of the glitter will fall down to your cheeks when you apply the pigments, so I would recommend you to apply your foundation at the end, so you don’t ruin it with the fall out! 😉

When I read the first reviews on these pigments, I read that all the glitter fell off, that they were very hard to work with and so on. So I got so happy when I tried them out myself and found out that a lot of the glitter stayed on (not when you blend the color out in the crease), and they weren’t as hard to work with as I though! They are like every other pigment I’ve tried when it comes to the application. And that these, that are neon, are as easy to apply as other pigments, is a huge step forward for neon shadows in general! 😀

Sugarpill Electro Cute pigments makeup look

Some more general information:

All of the pigments are vegan and all, except from Hellatronic, are lip friendly. They are safe to use on Canadian and European eyes, but people in the US should use these on their own risk, since “the FDA has not yet tested or approved the use of neon pigments in the immediate eye area”, (from Sugarpill’s website.) These are great to use on the lips mixed with a clear lip gloss or on the nails mixed with clear nail polish! They are also awesome to use as body paint… I have to try some kind of more creative paint on my face with them hehe 😀

Each jar has 5 grams of product in it and they cost $16 each, so you get a lot of product for your money! 😉 Sugarpill ships worldwide and they have a $6 flat rate shipping for US. orders. You can use my affiliate link if you want, to get these pigments, HERE ^-^

Video tutorial: 

Products used: 

  • Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
  • Makeup forever – White base from the Flash palette
  • Sugarpill – All Electro Cute pigments
  • Sugarpill – False lashes in Precious
  • Sugarpill – Pressed eyeshadow in Velocity
  • Makeup Geek – Gel liner in Electric
  • L’Oreal – Super liner in Carbon Gloss
  • L’Oreal – False lash wings mascara
  • Too Faced – Heaven eyeshadow

Sugarpill electro cute

Sugarpill electro cute pigments makeup look

Sugarpill electro cute pigments

I hope this review was helpful to you lovelies!! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review and Makeup look: Sigma Créme de Couture eyeshadow palette :D

Hi lovely readers! ❤

Sigma Beauty’s new eyeshadow palette “Créme de Couture” launched today! 😀 I pre-ordered the palette the 26th of August, cuz I couldn’t wait any longer to get it! ❤ It’s a beautiful palette with 16 matte, candy colored and macaron inspired eyeshadows! I mean, can you ask for anything cuter? 😉

Sigma Créme de couture eyeshadow palette

The eyeshadows! I love all the cute macaron names they have! 😀

Sigma Créme de couture eyeshadow palette

Here are my swatches and thoughts about each of the shadows. For base, I’ve used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk.

Sigma Crméme de Couture swatches

Redberry Rose: A medium hot pink. This is a true candy pink color!

Apricot Flower: This is a beautiful peachy/coral color! Gorgeous on the lids for those with blue eyes!

Passion Fruit: I would describe this as a pinkish brown shadow, like a fruity chocolate ice cream topping! 😉 A unique color!

Cherry Blossom: A light, baby pink shade. I’ve always wanted a matte, baby pink, pressed shadow like this!

Sigma Créme de Couture swatches

Meyer Lemon: Very light yellow. I’ve also wanted this shadow in a pressed form! I just think pressed shadows are easier to work with. 😛

Ginger Pumpkin: The name describes this color so well! As I say in the video: The perfect pumpkin shade!

Café au Lait: This is a gorgeous café brown! This was the least pigmented of all the eyeshadows in the palette, but as you can see from the swatches, it’s easy to build up over a primer! 😉

Blueberry Cream: This is a vibrant baby blue shadow. Very pretty!

Sigma Créme de Couture swatches

Violet Whip: A light, cool toned, pastel lilac. Awesome as a highlight for a purple smokey eye or to blend out purple shadows, like I do in the video tutorial that you can see below.

Lavender Honey: Warm, lavender color. This is the most pigmented and the smoothest out of all the shadows!

Cassis: A beautiful, medium lilac!

Elderberry: A stunning, very dark purple!

Sigma Creme de Couture3-001

The lighting is a bit different in these 2 pics. The sun is shining in the first pic, so that’s why the colors look slightely different. 😛

Blue Chocolat: An other light blue, but this is a bit more subtle than Blueberry Cream. It’s lighter and not as neon-ish.

Almond Pear: The perfect light, pastel mint! I can’t say enough good things about this color! ❤ My new love!

Créme de Menthe: A gorgeous turquoise, sea green eyeshadow!

Citron Pistachio: Beautiful, true lime green shade!

My overall thoughts about these shadows is that they are all very pigmented, they are buttery and smooth, and also very easy to blend! There are also some rare colors here! ❤ What’s special about these shadows is that they are pastel, but they are not subtle and boing, they are very neon in a way, which I think is cool! 😀

Except for Lavender Honey, they are all a bit powdery; the lightest ones more than the others. So, like with all eyeshadows, I would wear a primer before applying these. Also, a white base, like NYX Milk, will make them pop! 😉 The purple shades were the smoothest and because I am obsessed with mint and turquoise shadows, the bottom row is my favorite! 😀

Matte mint eyeshadows

I mention in the video that I’ve been looking for the perfect matte mint color for 2 years now and for me personally, Almond Pair is the one! ❤ In the picture above you can see the result of my 2 year mint-study, haha 😀 The Inglot mint is too blue, the Makeup Forever one is too green, the one from Coastal scents is too turquoise and dark. The last swatch is a mixture of 2 shadows, a light blue and a lime. This is what I first used to achieve my mint color, but as you can see, it’s hard to mix these colors together and the final color cracks a bit. So I’m really really happy that my search is now over and that I’ve found this Sigma mint! 😀

The palette consists of 0,85oz / 24g of product and Sigma ships worldwide!

The palette costs $32 alone, but you can also get 3 blushes with the palette. I didn’t get that, but the palette and the blushes all together, cost $55.

Sigma’s 10% off coupon code this month (September), is LJW2013. 🙂

You can get the palette here:

This is my affiliate link which you can use if you’d like to. 🙂

Here is the look that I did with the Créme de Couture palette:

Sigma Créme de couture makeup look

Créme de Couture makeup

Video tutorial:

Products used:

  • Lime Crime – Candy eyed eyeshadow helper
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • Sigma – Créme de Couture eyeshadows in Almond Pear, Redberry Rose, Cherry Blossom, Meyer Lemon, Cassis, Violet Whip and Blue Chocolat
  • Sigma – Eyeshadow in Versailles
  • Too Faced – Eyeshadow in Heaven
  • Sugarpill – Eyeshadow in Tako
  • L’Oreal – Super liner in Carbon Gloss
  • L’Oreal – False lash wings mascara
  • House of lashes – Lashes in Au natural
  • DUO – Eyelash adhesive
  • Ebay – Nail art rhinestones

Candy makeup look

Sigma Créme de couture makeup look

Sigma creme de couture makeup look candy makeup

I hope you found this review helpful and that you liked the look! 😀 Have a great week, sweeties! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review and demo: Whitening Lightning Dial a Smile kit!

Hi sweeties! ❤

Here is a tutorial on how I whiten my teeth in 20 minutes, using the Whitening Lightning Dial a Smile kit! 😀 Sorry about the lightning in this video, but I used natural lighting, so some time it was sunny and other times not 😛

Use my coupon code ” GLITTERGIRL” to get 70% off all products at 😀

Link to the Dial a smile kit:

Link to the Super Booster Whitening Pen:

Link to the ZERO White Whitening pen (for sensetive teeth):

My coupon code is an affiliate code! 🙂

I hope this review and tutorial was helpful! Have a lovely day! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review: New Makeup Geek eyeshadows! :D

Hi sweeties! ❤ I think it’s been 3 weeks since I last posted something! :O I’m so sorry about that! I was home from college during Easter and visited family and friends and this week I’ve had lots of assignments to do at school! But I’ve managed to film 2 new videos that I just need to edit, so most likely, one will be up on monday! 😀 Makeup Geek new shadowsThis post will be a review of Makeup Geek’s 5 new eyeshadows that they launched last week! 😀 If you follow my blog, facebook or Youtube channel you’ve definitely heard of Makeup Geek, since I use their shadows and gel liners in almost every look! ❤ Their shadows are very beautiful, soft and super pigmented, and these new ones are no exception! I would even say that they’re more pigmented, which I didn’t think was possible! 😉 Here are my swatches: Makeup Geek swatchesI think they look beautiful in the picture, but they’re even more gorgeous in real life! ❤ So the names of the shadows, as you can see, are Graphite, Cosmopolitan, Simply Marlena, Hipster and Frappé.

Graphite is a shimmery medium grey color, with a few, gorgeous silver flecks in it! I think this would look gorgeous to bring some sparkle to a black smokey eye! ;D

Cosmopolitan is the eyeshadow I’ve been waiting to add to my makeup collection! I’ve been looking for the perfect rose gold and this is the one! ❤ It’s shimmery and truly vibrant! It’s also very pigmented and applies softly. 😀 Today, I filmed a tutorial using this one on the lids 😉

Simply Marlena is a bright, but not neon bright pink! And I love that, cuz I don’t have a similar pink! It’s named after the gorgeous owner of Makeup Geek, Marlena! 😀 The first thing I thought when I saw this one was “Finally a Makeup Geek pink!” They have a couple of pinkish colors already, but this one is a true pink! ❤ It’s also matte and has a cool undertone. I just really love it… it’s bright and fun and applies like a dream!

Hipster is a slightely shimmery, sandy taupe color. It’s quite dark and is cool-toned. I would wear this in the crease for an everyday look! ;D

Frappé is a matte, medium redish brown. Since it’s a reddish brown, it is a very warm color! It is similar to my favorite brown from them, “Cocoa Bear” which is also a very warm, matte brown. Frappé is just a bit lighter then Cocoa Bear. I used these 2 together in the crease in the video I filmed today and I loved the combo! ❤

My overall view of the eyeshadows is that they are all very smooth without leaving fallout, they’re pigmented, vibrant and easy to apply! I have nothing bad to say about them, so this might be a boring review for you to read, hehe 😉

You can get the eyeshadows in pans for $5,99 each, here and in compacts for $7,99 each, here. 🙂 They contain 1,8g/0,064oz of product, which I think makes the price very good, especially with the amazing quality you’re getting! ^-^ An other big plus is that they ship all over the world!

As you can see from the first picture, there are more than these 5 eyeshadows. With these last ones I completed my Makeup Geek shadow collection! And that’s all thanks to Makeup Geek, that was super kind and sent them to me! ❤ I just organized them and placed them in my Z-palettes! My beautiful babies! 😀

makeup geek eyeshadow collectionI hope you found this review helpful and I’ll talk to you when my next look comes out! 😀

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sigma brushes and eye shadows! :D

Hey guys! ❤ In the beginning of August I signed up for Sigma’s affiliate program. A couple of weeks later I recieved a fabulous package from them with a brush kit, called “performance eye kit” and an eyeshadow palette with one eye shadow from each of their three eye shadow palettes: Flare, Dare and Bare.

I have been wanting to try out their brushes for a long time now, so I was super happy when I got this kit! 😀 And these brushes are perfect for me, because these are very easy to create small details with, (which I always like to do) 😛

The brushes in the kit:

  • E56 is a shader brush, which you can use to pack shadows onto your lid with. I like that it’s not all square shaped, but has a rounded tip. This makes it easier to create a pretty round shape, if you’re dragging the lid color up and into your crease. 😉
  • E36 is a small and fluffy blending brush which is good for blending out shadows in small areas, like the inner corner of your eye, or in the crease if you have very little space from crease to brow.
  • E47 is a crease brush that places and blends out eye shadows beautifully, in the crease.
  • E11 is one of my favorites out of these! I’ve always used my MAC 210 liner brush to cut my crease, since it was the tiniest one I knew of. E11 is actually smaller and I can create a more precise and prettier cut crease with it! 😀 Many of you have asked me how I create very precise lines… A good liner brush is the key! 😉
  • E46 is a shader brush that is supposed to be used in the inner corner of the eye, to apply your highlight. It is a very small shader brush, with a pointy tip, which makes it perfect to do this job!
  • E16 is a tightline liner brush which is great for filling in the space between the lashes, which often is hard to get to. You can fill it in with gel, cream or liquid liners. 🙂
  • E21 is a smudge brush, which is also one of my favorites! I love using this one to apply eye shadows to my lower lash line! ❤ It’s also very good for smudging out gel or cream liners along your upper lash line, which is perfect if you want to create a smokey eye! 😉
  • E17 is a waterline liner brush. I feel that this brush places the gel or pencil liner onto the waterline very precisely! I don’t get a lot of extra product onto my eye when using this one and that’s definitely good for the eyes. xD

All in all I think these brushes are fabulous! I’ve found a special use for each of them, which make my looks look more precise! ^-^ This kit costs 55$ and you can check it out here! ( It’s my affiliate link! 😀 ) 10 % off Discount code that you can use the entire month of October: DEAL2012 😀

These are the shadows I got. 🙂 I’ve used mostly “Publicize”, as my highlight color. It’s matte and a little bit lighter than my skin, so it’s perfect for that purpose! 🙂 The other two colors, I’ve only tried ones.

Surrender is a very pretty burgundy, which would look very good in a fall look! Command is a shimmery gold that would glamour up any look! ;D I like these colors a lot, especially Publicize, which is from the Flare palette. The Flare palette is the palette from Sigma that I’ve always wanted the most, since it contains some really beautiful greens and purples! ❤

Here are links to the palettes, if you want to check out all the colors they contain:

Here’s a couple of video tutorial’s I’ve done, where I use the brushes:

In the first video I’m using the E56 shader brush on my lid, the E11 liner brush to create precise lines, the E16 tightline brush to apply a sticky glitter base and the glitter, the E21 smudge brush on my lower lash line. I’m also using Publicize as a brow bone highlight. I’m so sorry that I say “Hare” palette in stead of “Flare” palette in these videos, I just didn’t notice it until after I’d filmed them 😛

Here I use Publicize and E21 (the smudge brush):

I hope you liked this review of these Sigma brushes and eye shadows and thank you so much Sigma, for letting me try these out! 😀 ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Marie Antionette inspired (Lime Crime review and makeup look) :)

Hey guys! ^-^ This summer I entered one of Makeupbee‘s contests with this Marie Antoinette inspired look, which I called “Would you like some cake?” I was so happy when I found out that I was one of the winners! 😀 Thank you very much for those who voted for me!! ❤ The prize was these wonderful products from Lime Crime!

Here is the look I entered the contest with:

I’ve fimed a tutorial for this look, but this time I used the pink and purple colors from the palette I won. Also, I did a review of the products in the video! ;D

This is the look I did in the video:

Products used:

  • Lime Crime – Candy eyed eyeshadow helper
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • Lime Crime – Palette D’Antionette in Royal Flush
  • Lime Crime – Palette D’Antionette in Ribbonesque
  • Lime Crime – Chinadoll palette in Parasol
  • Lime Crime – Uniliner in Quill
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in White Lies
  • Maybelline – One by one mascara
  • DUO – Eyelash adhesive
  • Rhinestones from Ebay
  • False eyelashes from Ebay

Review of the Lime Crime makeup products:

Palette D’Antionette:

This beautiful palette has 4 vibrant matte colors called Royal Flush, Absinthe-Minded, Macarooned and Ribbonesque, and 1 shimmery, silver color called Mercurious. I think this is the perfect combination of pastel colors, which will make any look super cute and pretty! ❤

I also got their fabulous primer, which I’ve used in the bottom swatch-picture! 😀

The palette costs 34,99 $ and you can get it here 🙂


I got these three liners. The black one is called “Quill”, the blue “Blue Milk” and the neon yellow “Citreuse”. I love that Lime Crime has colorful liners you can choose from and they are so pigmented! The best thing about them has to be the precision they give! The applicator is very small, so it’s easier to create tiny details and to built up your liner. 😀 I’ve seen so many amazing looks created with these uniliners, so my excitement for these was very high. I must say they haven’t dissapointed! ❤

Each uniliner costs 13,99 $ and you can get them here. 🙂

Lip stick:

Lime Crime is probably most famous for their colorful, creamy lip sticks, with the cutest packaging, (which I love!) I already have one called Glamour 101 and now I got this one, called Coquette. Nude lipsticks don’t usually look very good on me, but this one has some peach to it, so a small amount applied with my fingers, looks wonderful! ^-^

Their lip sticks cost 15,99 $ each and you can check out all the awesome colors, here. 🙂

I hope that you found this short review helpful and that you liked the look! 😀

My youtube channel:

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review: Makeup Geek eyeshadows!

This is a review of my Makeup Geek eyeshadows. You’ve probably seen me using these eyeshadows in a lot of my makeup looks! 😀 For those of you who don’t know, Makeup Geek (MUG) is a makeup company, created by the gorgeous Marlena from the Youtube channel “MakeupGeekTV.”

I’ve already done a review on their “Starter kit”, which you can read about, here. Some of the eyeshadows in this kit, I haven’t added to this review, since I’ve already talked about them. 🙂

The packaging these eyeshadow pans come in are very similar to MAC’s packaging, but a lot more fun and pretty! 😉

These shadows are the smoothest ones I’ve every tried! 😀 They’re also super pigmented, blends beautifully and they are of very good quality! An other positive thing about these shadows, is that they’re cruelty-free! Right now, there are 56 different colors to choose from and you can get them in both pans and compacts.

If you buy the eyeshadows in pans it’s very practical to place them in palettes. I’m using my Z-palettes, where the shadows fit perfectly! As you can see, I have one colorful palette and one more “natural”.

Here are lots of swatches:


Wisteria is such a pretty, pale lavender color! It has a matte finish and it looks so good on the lid!

Fairytale is a beautiful lavender eyeshadow, with a matte finish.

Duchess is a medium to dark, cool purple eyeshdow, with a matte texture. It would be verry pretty on the lid or in the crease, for a purple smokey eye! 😉

Twilight is a light brownish, purple color, with a shimmery finish. This eyeshadow has a gorgeous shine to it and I definitely think Bella would have worn this beauty! ;D

I love what they’ve written about the eyeshadow on the Makeup Geek page:

No pasty vampires watching you while you sleep. No werewolves trying to steal your heart. Just a shimmery purple taupe eyeshadow. (And if you’re might just sparkle in the sun…) 

Last Dance is a plummy brown color with a satin finish. This one would look great in the crease, with Twilight on the lid! ^-^

Sensuos is a dark, shimmery plum color, with flecks of silver. I love to use this one in the crease, to add dimension.


Fuji is one of my favorite colors out of these! It is a gorgeous matte, lime green shadow, which I love to use on my lid!

Pixie Dust is a shimmery, goldish green eyeshadow, that is so bright and pretty!

Dirty Martini is a true olive green color, with a matte finish.

Shimmermint is a metallic, mint green color, with some gold shimmer to it. It’s a beautiful color, but I wish that the mint was more vibrant. This one I love to blend out green crease colors with! 🙂

Appletini is a shimmery, apple green with some gold shimmer to it!

Envy is a metallic, dark green color. This one is also shimmery.

Black and White: 

White Lies is a matte white, which is perfect as a highlight!

Ice Queen is a frosty, shimmery white color. If you have all matte colors on your eyes, this eyeshadow will be perfect as a highlight on your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eyes! 😉

Mercury is a metallic, shimmery silver eyeshadow. This would be pretty to use on the lid, to spice up a black smokey eye!

Stealth is a matte, true grey. This is my first matte grey, which I’ve wanted for a long time!

Galaxy is a metallic, deep silver color. It has some sparkle to it.

Corrupt is the blackest matte black you’ll ever find! I use this all the time. Be careful not to get too much fall out with this one though, (only use a little product at a time.) That’s all that is needed, with that crazy pigmentation! ;D


Bada Bing is a deep brown eyeshadow with flecks of gold. This is the perfect brown crease color, for a night out! 🙂

Brown Sugar is a warm copper brown, with a shimmery finish.

Goddess is a very pretty metallic copper color! This looks gorgeous on the lid, with Brown Sugar in the crease! 😀

Latte is a matte, medium brown. It looks good in the crease, for a brown, everyday look!

Pretentious is a metallic, bronze eyeshadow.

Homecoming is a medium brown with gold shimmer. The shine from this one is amazing!


Unicorn is a shimmery, blue purple. 🙂

Neptune is a matte, bright blue shadow. It is not the most pigmented, but when you build it up, it becomes very vibrant, (something you might see in the picture.) 😉

Poolside is my absolute favorite MUG color! It’s a bright, shimmery blue with some gold shimmer to it. The picture really doesn’t give this color justice! It is just stunning! ❤

Peacock is a deep teal blue, with a matte finish.

Sea Mist is a shimmery turquoise eyeshadow.

Mermaid is a metallic teal with flecks of gold.

Yellow and Orange:

Chickadee is a matte yellow color. The color kind of reminds me of mustard… In a good way, hehe 🙂

Manderine is a bright orange with flecks of gold.

Mango Tango is a peachy, coral color, which I use a lot! It has tiny flecks of gold. ^-^

Yellow Brick Road is a shimmery, pale yellow.

Gold Digger is a metallic gold. It’s the first color I’ve found that is a true gold, not a bronze gold. ;P

Bleached Blonde is a pale gold, with a shimmery finish.

Pink and Red:

Cinderella is a pale, shimmery pink/ coral eyeshadow, which I love to use on the lid with Mango Tango in the crease. 🙂

Country Girl is a pink and brown color, with a shimmery finish.

Razzleberry is also one of my favorite Makeup Geek eyeshadows! It’s a bright raspberry, pink/red color, with gold glitter. ^-^

Cupcake is a matte, medium pink shadow. I like to use this one on my lid, with Country Girl in the crease, for an everyday pink look. 😉

Bitten is a deep maroon red, with a matte finish.

Burlesque is a beautiful, deep metallic burgandy eyeshadow.

Here are some of the makeup looks I’ve created, using Makeup Geek eyeshadows!

Colorful looks:

More “natural” looks:

The Makeup Geek web store ship worldwide and the shipping cost, I think is great, compared to many other stores I’ve bought from! 😀

Both the eyeshadow pans and the compacts contain 1,8g/ 0,064oz of products. The pans cost 5,99 $ and the compacts, 7,99 $. This I think is a great price for the amazing quality you get!

If you’re interested in checking out the MUG eyeshadows, you can visit their store, HERE! ^-^

I hope this review was helpful! Take care! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sugarpill Cosmetics, Heart Breaker palette – Review!

Hi lovelies! Now I’ve tried Sugarpill’s newest palette for a while and I’m loving it! ❤ I thought I’d tell you a bit about it today, show some swatches and compare the shadows to other eyeshadows. 🙂

The packaging is super pretty and cute, like all the other Sugarpill packaging. The palette itself has a blue cover this time, compared to the two other palettes in the Addicted to pretty collection, ”Sweet Heart” and ”Burning Heart”, which have a pink one. ^-^

The palette contains 4 colors, called Acidberry, Velocity, 2AM and Mochi. They are very vibrant, pigmented and to blend with these colors is super easy!

Here are the swatches I took of the eyeshadows. I’ve built up the colors in the pictures, so that you can see their full potencial! In the first picture, I’ve used a primer and in the second one, I haven’t:

With primer:

Without primer:

As you can see, there’s not a huge difference! I use primer in every look anyway, but I thought I’d show you how amazing the quality of these are, even without one! 😉

Acidberry is a bright, matte lime color, with slightly pearl sheen. This one is the least pigmented out of all of these eyeshadows, but it’s my favorite! The color is just so beautiful and vibrant and as you can see from the swatches, when you build them all up, Acidberry is equally as strong and good as the other colors! 😀

Velocity is the perfect royal blue! It’s a matte, bright eyeshadow! ❤

2AM is a matte, medium purple eyeshadow, with some pearl sheen to it. The color is kind of a mixture between Sugarpill’s Poison Plum and Dollipop, which i like, because it makes it blend very well in with these two!

Mochi is a light aqua, turquise color, which also has a slightly pearl sheen to it. It is matte and the most pigmented shadow in the palette. I think it’s a very unique color, because I’ve never seen one just like it! I’ve compared it with a few colors in this review, but they’re not super close to the color.

Here are a few comparisons:

These are the lime green eyeshadows that I have and I thought I’d compare Acidberry with the other two. Fuji and Acidberry are the most pigmented and as you can see, Acidberry is the most vibrant one out of them all.

Royal Sugar is my absolute favorite eyeshadow, and Velocity is a matte version of it. Very beautiful! ❤ I’ve also compared it to Sugarpill’s Afterparty, if you wanted to see the difference between them. 🙂 The MUG eyeshadow in Neptune can be a dupe for Velocity. MAC’s Marine Ultra pigment is also very close, but it’s a bit powdery and not as pigmented.

The closest eyeshadow I have to 2AM is Makeup Mekka’s shadow in Fetish. But 2AM is slightly darker and has a matte texture. The NYX color in the picture is from my NYX box of eyeshadows and doesn’t have a name.

These eyeshadows aren’t too similar to Mochi, but they were the closest ones I had. Here you can see what a light and beautiful aqua, turquoise color it is! ❤

Here’s a look I did, using all of the colors in the palette:

All in all I’m very happy with this palette! From my personal taste, these colors are perfect! And I know I will be using them a lot, like I do with the other Sugarpill eyeshadows! If I’m going to compare them to Sugarpill’s other two palettes, they are just as pigmented, only lighter than the other shadows. Poison Plum, Love+ and Dollipop are slightly more pigmented though!

The eyeshadows are cruelty free and Acidberry, Mochi and Velocity are vegan as well. Each shadow contains 4 grams/ 0,14 oz of product. The palette costs 34 $ at and you can also get the eyeshadows individually for 12 $ each. I think the price of the palette is great, because of the amazing quality and how much product you get! 😀

I hope this review was helpful! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review – Sugarpill Cosmetics Chromalusts!

I’ve had some time to try out my newest Sugarpill chromalusts, so now I’m of course reviewing them! 😀 I already have a review on the Sugarpill palettes and 5 other loose eyeshadows, here!

The packaging of the Chromalusts is very cute, like the rest of the Sugarpill packaging. They come in a jar, where you can see the Sugarpill logo on the lid and the name of the shadow, underneath the jar.

Here are the 7 loose eyeshadows I’m reviewing today:

Swatches, (with a primer) :

Lumi is a shimmery white with lots of tiny turquoise sparkles! It’s very pretty as a highlight,but you can also use it on the lid or over any matte color, to make it shimmery. If you apply this shadow over a dark base, you will get a beautiful, shimmery blue color! Weight: 6 grams

Starling is a beautiful medium blue, with a metallic sheen to it! Weight: 4,5 grams.

Magentric is a deep magenta color, with a shimmery, metallic finish. It also has a pretty, turquoise sheen to it! Weight: 4 grams.

 Tipsy is a gorgeous green, with a shimmery finish! Weight: 4,5 grams.
Hysteric is a metallic, shimmery, purple color, with beautiful turquoise and green sparkles! Weight: 5 grams.

Goldilux! I just have to say “Wow!” You wont fin a more amazing color! It’s one of my favorite colors of all time! It’s a metallic, true gold, which is super vibrant, bright and shimmery! The first time I swatched this color, my jaw dropped and my eyes saw glitter, stars and sparkles! *-* It’s just SO pretty! I like to use it everywhere: on the lid, the lower waterline, as an eyeliner, on my brows and my lips! You can even use it as a body shimmer! 😀 Weight: 5 grams.

Stella is a very vibrant, black shadow, with lots of gorgeous rainbow sparkles to it! This is perfect for a black smokey eye or as a liner! 😉 Weight: 4,5 grams.
Overall, I love all of the colors! ❤ The pigmentation of these is just brilliant! They’re super vibrant, smooth and are very easy to blend! Remember to pack the colors onto the lid, instead of swiping them, so you don’t get any fall out with these loose eyeshadows! 🙂

The reason why the weight varies from each chromalust, is that they fill the jars to the top and some shadows are fluffy, while others are more dense!

As you can see from the packaging, these shadows are cruelty free and vegan! 🙂 Each of these beauties costs 12 $, which I think is a good price for the amount of product you get. They’ll last you forever! I’ve used them a lot, but they don’t even look used! xD You can get them at and they ship internationally! 😀

Some of my looks, using these Sugarpill chromalusts:

 I hope you found this review helpful!
GlitterGirlC 🙂

Lime Crime Chinadoll Fantasy Palette – Review!

I’ve used this palette for a couple of weeks now and I thought I’d let you know what I think about it. 🙂 I’ve been super excited about this palette and I think I bought it about 10 seconds after they launched it! xD I got it after two weeks (I live in Norway) and I recieved it with a broken black eyeshadow. I was so upset, since I had been so excited about it. The black color covered all of the other colors and the rest of the package. This was not Lime Crime’s fault, but I sent them an e-mail to hear what I could do. I thought I had to go and complain at the postal office, but after only 10 minutes, they e-mailed me back telling me that they were going to send me a new one! 😀 My day was saved! I must say that their customer service is the best one I’ve been in contact with! They were so nice and super fast at replying! I have to thank Lime Crime for my beautiful, new palette! It’s perfect! 😀

Over to the palette itself. These are Lime Crime’s first pressed eyeshadows and they did definitely not disappoint! The palette consist of five bright colors, which are all very pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. I think all of the colors (except for the black) are very unique. I don’t have any colors similar to these. So it’s a great palette for color lovers like me! 😉

In the package, you get the Chinadoll palette, the Chinadoll card, a cute Lime Crime sticker and a sample of my favorite primer! ❤

The palette comes in this pretty, gold “envelope”.

The shadows come in this super cute, purple tin case. It’s decorated with a gold unicorn, which symbolises Lime Crime.

And here are the colors! This kind of reminds me of a painting box, something I think is super cute!

Swatches of the eyeshadows:

Fly Dragon Fly is a fiery, true red, that is a bit on the orange side. It has a matte texture and is very pigmented. It doesn’t stain, like a lot of reds do. Yay!

Parasol is such a pretty light blue, matte color. I have always been looking for a true baby blue color, like this one, which is this pigmented! The shadow is perfect to place on the lid or over a white liner on the waterline, for a pop of blue.

Goldfish has a very unique color, since it’s both yellow and gold at the same time. It is a metallic color and the only one of the shadows with some shimmer to it. It’s very vibrant and pigmented.

Jade-o-Lade is a matte, rich jade/teal color. I think this is my favorite shadow in the palette, because I just love colors like this! It’s also very pigmented!

Lotus Noir is a matte, black eyeshadow. The pigmentation isn’t as good as the other colors in the palette, but the only black that I have with more pigmentation than this one, is the MUG Corrupt. But compared to the MUG shadow, it doesn’t leave any fall out. So if I need a good black, with no fallout, I’ll use Lotus Noir.

Here you can see the Lime Crime Candy eyed eyeshadow helper, (the primer). On the left side, is the full size box and on the right is the sample you get with the Chinadoll palette. It might look small, but you need very little to cover your eyes, and it will last you a very long time! As I’ve said before, this is my favorite primer, so I’m super happy that you get to try it with the palette! 🙂

A look I just did, using all of the colors in the palette, (I mixed the yellow with the red to get a orange shadow for the coins, if you didn’t see the red, lol) ^-^

Over all, I truly love this colorful palette! All the colors are stunning and I will use them a lot, for sure! I really don’t have anything bad to say about it! 🙂 An other plus is that the Chinadoll palette is vegan and cruelty free! 😀

Each eyeshadow consist of 1,3 grams of product and the palette costs 34,99 $. They ship worldwide and you can get it at 🙂

I hope this was a helpful review! ^-^

Have a wonderful day!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Lime Crime – Review!

I’ve been trying out some Lime Crime products for a week now and thought I would share my thoughts about it, with you! 🙂 I bought three loose eyeshadows, one lipstick and one lip gloss. The primer I’ve had for a couple of months already. The packaging is so cute! ❤

The loose eyeshadows (Magic Dusts) I have, are Troubadour, Abracadabra and Lime Criminal. Love the names! 😀 They are all very shimmery colors and in the box you can see that they contain lots of sparkle! But as you can see from this look, they are shimmery, but they don’t look too sparkly on the lid, which I think is great! I think they have good pigmentation, but I had to apply a couple of layers to get the satisfied strength. They are easy to blend and the colors are beautiful! 🙂 Net weight: 2 g / 0.07 oz.


Troubadour: The perfect baby blue color!

Abracadabra: This is a beautiful, vibrant pink shadow, with subtle blue sparkles.

Lime Criminal: A shimmery, true lime color. Really gorgeous!

The Candy eyed eyeshadow helper:

This primer is amazing! It’s my new favorite one, which I use every day! 😀 So my beloved Too Faced Shadow Insurance is replaced with this cutie. 😉 Here is what Lime Crime says it does:

  • Prevents creasing for up to 24 hours
  • Makes your eye makeup waterproof
  • Intensifies color and keep it vibrant
  • Comes off with waterproof makeup remover or lotion

It definitely does exactly what it says! I’ve never experienced any creasing when using it and it grabs on to the shadow so well, even better than the Too Faced one! I can confirm that it is waterproof, because I have even cried, (don’t worry, it was tears of joy 😉 ), without the makeup even moving a bit! :O Lime Crime says the eyeshadow helper is formulated to withstand heat, sweat and even the oiliest of eyelids! My eyes are very dry and it works wonders for me too! ^^ It contains 7 g/ 0, 25 oz. of product.

Glamour 101 lipstick:

This gorgeous lipstick has the perfect wine red color I’ve been looking for! It’s a more deep red than the picture shows, because the exact color didn’t show up on camera. :/ Lime Crime describes it as a brown-based retro red. It is extremely pigmented and smooth. I used it when I went to the movies the other day and it stayed in place all day! 🙂 I would recommend lining your lips with a lip liner before applying this, to prevent feathering. Glamour 101 is a part of Lime Crime’s Lip Noir Collection and is a limited edition lipstick. It contains 3.5 g / 0.12 oz. of product.

Candy Apple lip gloss: 

The lip gloss is a part of this winter’s Carousel Gloss Collection and it is a deep ruby red color, filled with beautiful glitter! 😀 I love this lip gloss! It is very pigmented and applies smoothly. Apply a lip liner with this gloss as well. Remember blotting the inner part of your lips a few times, because it will transfer to your teeth if you don’t. Amount of product: 3.5 g / 0.12 oz. The color of the lipstick is closer to the color of the lip gloss, that this picture shows!

Candy Apple looks really good over Glamour 101. Together, these two lip products look even more vibrant! 😀

All in all I love the Lime Crime products I’ve got and the best part is that they are cruelty-free and most of them are vegan! The eyeshadows cost 13,99$, the lipsticks are 15,99$ and the lip glosses cost 16,99$. I think they are a bit expensive, but they’re very good! You can find these products, here.

I hope this review was helpful!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Buxom Mix & Mingle set – review and swatches!

This weekend I recived this Buxom set, which I won in the Makeup Geek Weekly Challenge. 😀 I’ve tryed it a few times now and thought I’d show you some swatches of the lip products! The set contains 4 mini lip sticks and 4 lip glosses.

Buxom is a Bare Escentuals line and I didn’t know they had this line before I got this set. Now, I’m glad I got to try out some of their products! All of them smell like delicious caramel and chocolate, which I like. 🙂 The colors are so pretty and natural, which is great for me, because I always do very dramatic eye makeup and these will tone the whole look down a bit. They contain vitamin A and E to make the lips soft and they are ment to create fuller looking lips. I think my lips got slightly fuller with these, but not dramatically. You get a tingly feeling when you first apply these. This is because the lip stick and gloss is making your lips a bit sore and in that way plumpy.

The lip sticks are matte and so smooth! I love the way they’re created, because you can use it as a lip liner as well as a lip stick! I think they were easy to apply and they lasted for hours! When I put on one of these this morning I thought I’d touch it up a bit after 2-3 hours. But to my surprise it still looked perfect! 😀 So I’ll definitely be wearing these more, on a daily basis. Here are the swatches of the lip sticks:

The lip glosses or as it says on the packaging, the big and healthy lip polishes, have lots of gold sparkle to them and they are very pretty! But they are a bit sticky and create lines in the outer corners of my lips, especially if I wear them over the lip sticks. Other than that, they’re good. Here are the lip polish swatches:

Here are my favorites, on my lips:


All in all, I love the colors, smell and how long lasting these Buxom lip products are! I don’t mind my lips looking a bit fuller and more sparkly. 😀 The only negative thing, is the slightly sticky lip glosses. But I think I can survive that 😉

This is a limited edition set that costs 39 $, but has a value of 72 $. It’s out of stock right now, but when it hopefully comes back, you can buy it here or get the products individually at Sephora.

I hope you liked this review!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette – Review! :)

The NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette consists of 21 glittery, cream colors. I got this palette from my fiance, last Christmas, and I’ve used a lot of it this past year! ❤ I was a little dissapointed at first, because I thought the glitter would appear more vibrant on my lid. But I don’t think these creams are suppose to be used alone! They only appear chunky and crease that way. What I use the creams for, is as a base for loose glitter! I use them as a base on my lid, brow, lips and if I want to use glitter as my liner. But you can use these colors anywhere you want to place loose glitter! 😀

I often get questions about this palette and how I use it, so I thought I’d show you in pictures how I create glitter eyebrows. An important thing to remember when applying this as a glitter base, is to only apply a thin layer of it! This will prevent the glitter on top of it from creasing. 🙂 I also use the creams in the same color as the loose glitter I’m using.

Here’s the tutorial on how I do the brows:

Apply eyeshadows to the brows, in the same colors as the glitters you’re going to place on top. This will make everything look more compound, even if there’s a few places the glitter doesn’t cover. I thought blue and green would be a cool combination! ^-^

With a small, angled brush start applying the darkest green glitter cream on the inner part of the brow. Then use the lightest blue color in the middle and the darkest on the outer corner. Blend these colors slightly together.

Use the same angled brush to apply the loose glitter over the glitter creams. Apply it carefully to prevent a lot of fallouts and take your time! If there is any fallout and you want to sharpen the edges, use a piece of tape to pick up the glitter and to fix the brow shape. In the end, go over with a q-tip with makeup remover. Now you’re all done and can start applying your eye makeup! 😀

I absolutely love this palette and I’m glad I got it, because now I can’t live without it! I’m too in love with glitter, lol! 😉

You can find the palette here 🙂

I hope this review and tutorial was helpful!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sugarpill Cosmetics – Review!

Finally! Here’s my Sugarpill review! It took much longer to write than expected, so I’m sorry it’s a bit late! The Sugarpill products I’m reviewing are the two eyeshadow palettes: The Sweet Heart palette and the Burning Heart palette. Also, these five Chromalust loose eyeshadows: Tiara, Royal Sugar, Asylum, Paperdoll and Darling.

The packaging that the palettes come in is super cute and gorgeous! I love the colours and the design. The palettes themselves are really cool looking and each of them contains four eyeshadows and a large mirror. The mirror I now use every time I do my makeup. I’ve heard that some people say that the palettes are heavy and maybe they are compared to some palettes, but I’ve taken them with me a lot and never thought about the weight. 🙂

Swatches of the Sweet Heart palette:

Dollipop is a bright and beautiful matte pink colour!

Afterparty is a very vibrant, medium blue shadow, with a pearly sheen.

Midori is a very bright and pretty green eyeshadow! This colour has some shimmer to it.

Tako is a very good, matte white. You can use this for so many things: As a highlight on your brow bone, in the inner corner of your eye and on your cheekbones. You can use it on your lid and to set a white pencil liner on your lower waterline.

Swatches of the Burning Heart palette:

Flamepoint is a matte, vibrant orange eyeshadow! I think it’s a really stunning colour!

Buttercupcake is a beautiful matte yellow colour! It’s very bright and vibrant, but slightly chalky. Not a lot though!

Love + is a gorgeous, hot red! It has a matte finish with a slightly pearly sheen to it. This is a much pigmented, very true red colour! It’s the best red eyeshadow I’ve come across! Without a primer it looks very bright red and with one, it becomes more of a deep red. Also, when you fade it out, you get a very beautiful, dark pink colour!

Poison Plum: Omg! This is my favorite colour, not just of the Sugarpill colours, but my absolute favorite of all eyeshadows! It’s the most beautiful, hot purple colour ever! It’s extremely pigmented, especially with a primer underneath. It appears a little shimmery in the pan, but on the eyes it looks matte. With several layers you will definitely see the shimmer, though.

All the Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows are very bright and intense, just the way I like it! 😉 They are extremely pigmented, smooth and blend beautifully! Because Dollipop, Poison Plum, Love+ and Flamepoint contain carmine, they stain a bit. But for me, that hasn’t been a problem.

Sugarpill sells these eyeshadows in single pans as well and they are a lot bigger than many other eyeshadows! Each pan contains 4 grams/0.14 oz of product and costs 12$.  That’s three dollars less than a for a MAC eyshadow pan, which only contains 1,5 grams/0,05oz of product. So you get amazing quality eyeshadows, for a very good price! Another plus is that Sugarpill does not test on animals! 🙂

Going over to the Chromalust loose eyeshadows! They come in super cute jars, where you can see both the name of the shadow and a list of all the ingredients!

Swatches of the loose eyeshadows:    

Tiara is a metallic, silver coloured loose eyeshadow. It has a lot of glitter to it and is perfect as a highlight on your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye. It works great as an “all over lid”- colour, especially to spice up a black smoky eye! 😉 Also, because of the tiny micro-fine particles, it will look great as a body shimmer. Weight: 4.5 grams.

Darling is a shimmery teal shadow. It contains a lot of pretty, turquoise sparkles! This was the absolute first colour I fell for out of the loose eyeshadows, and had to buy! And it has definitely lived up to my expectations! Weight: 4.5 grams.

Paperdoll is the cutest lavender eyeshadow! It has a shimmery finish and there’s nothing more to say about it, other than it’s just stunning! 🙂 Weight: 4 grams.

Asylum is a rusty red, metallic colour. This one is also beautiful and shimmery and I must say I’ve never seen a colour similar to it. I like it a lot! Weight: 5.5 grams.

Royal Sugar is the most gorgeous, bright blue colour there is! Honestly, I’m so in love with this shadow and it’s my favorite one of the loose eyeshadows! It contains a lot of beautiful, turquoise glitter which I could just stare at all day. I’ve used this colour for many things: As a lid colour, a crease colour, an eyeliner and I can’t wait to try it on my lips, my eyebrows and my nails! It would look amazing anywhere! ❤ Weight: 4 grams.

These Chromalusts are the Holy Grail for a glitter girl like me! 😀 They are super pigmented, sparkly and they look beautiful on the eyes! I think they’re easy to apply and to work with. To make them as vibrant as they can be, you can use a primer as a base and apply them wet.

When I bought my loose shadows, all of them weighed 5 grams. Now, the weight varies between 4 – 6.5 grams. This is because some colours are denser while others are fluffy, and this made the jars with the dense shadows seem half empty. Now, all the Chromalusts are filled to the top, and because the jar has no sifter, you have to be carefull not to spill any of the gorgeousness! 😉

The loose eyeshadows cost 12 $ each and that’s a very good price compared to how much product you get! I bought some of my Sugarpill products from and the rest of them from The shipping to Norway took 1 – 2 weeks from the Makeupgeek store and 3 – 4 weeks from the Sugarpill shop. But I bought it during Sugarpill’s Pink Weekend sale, so that’s probably why the products took so long to arrive. I was really happy when I got them though, because I absolutely love all of the eyeshadows and I use them a lot! I also got a cute sticker of their logo with my package. You can see it in the beginning of this post. Pretty, right? 😀

Looks where I’ve used Sugarpill eyeshadows:

I know this is a very long review, but I hope it was helpful!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Makeup Geek Starter kit – Review!

When the founder of Makeup Geek, the gorgeous Marlena, added eyeshadows to her makeup line, I just had to try them out! I pre ordered the starter kit which contains 8 eyeshadows, 5 matte and 3 shimmery ones. As you can see, the packaging is very similar to the MAC eyeshadow refills, but personally I think these are much prettier! 🙂

First of all I have to mention that their shipping was super fast! The day MUG got these beauties in store it took only one week before I got them! And I live in Norway, so I’m used to getting packages from The US 2 – 4 weeks after ordering them, and sometimes even longer! :/ So I was very happy about that. 😀

Now, on to the eyeshadows. I absolutely love them ❤ They’re extremely pigmented and the smoothest eyeshadows I’ve ever tried! They just feel like velvet on your skin. They’re also easy to apply and I have no trouble blending them. The colours Marlena has picked out for this kit are gorgeous and will work great for any occasion; There are matte colours you can wear during the day and more shimmery ones that you can use at night. Underneath you can see some swatches I did of the eyeshadows, but I don’t feel like the pictures do them justice!

I’ve tried out these eyeshadows for a few days now and I’ve done a few looks with them, that I’m going to post soon!

Purely Naked is a nude coloured eyeshadow which has some shimmer to it. This one would be perfect for blending out colours in the crease or as an all over lid colour, for a natural daytime look.

Mocha is a warm medium brown colour with a matte finish. I would use this as a crease colour.

Cocoa Bear is a warm, reddish brown colour. This one is also matte and I would wear it on my lid or in my crease. I really love this colour and I can’t wait to show you a look with it! 😉

Glamorous is another one of my favorites! It’s a metallic bronze gold with a shimmery finish. It is very nice and creamy and it would be perfect to wear as a lid colour at night time!

Shimma Shimma is also a shimmery eyeshadow. It’s a beautiful champagne colour which works great as a highlight. This eyeshadow is really soft and I think it might be my new favorite highlight colour. 🙂

Corrupt is incredible! It’s the blackest black eyeshadow I’ve tried! It’s more pigmented than my former favorite, matte black eyeshadow, (Stiletto from the Too Faced Naked eye kit), and it’s even better than MAC’s Carbon! Need I say more? 😉

Purple Rain is a deep, matte finished purple. This one is not as pigmented as the other shadows, but I think it’s great and the colour is lovely! It would work great as a crease colour or on the lid, for a purple smokey eye.

Unexpected is a light pink/purple colour with a matte finish. I think this shadow would look very pretty on the lid and also it would work great to blend out colours in the crease.

That was all of the colours. They fit perfectly into empty palettes, such as the Z palettes (I just ordered a pink one 🙂 ) and the MAC palettes. They are not tested on animals and they’re both Talc – and Paraben – free!

When it comes to the weight, the MUG eyeshadows give you 1,8g / 0,064oz of product. This is a bit more than the MAC eyeshadow refills contains, (1,5g / 0,05oz), and you get them for half the price of a MAC one! Still, the Makeup Geek eyeshadows are of a very high quality and I feel like some of them are even better than the MAC eyeshadows, so they’re definitely worth checking out!

Now, there are 40 more eyeshadows you can choose from on They look gorgeous and I’ll definitely buy more of them. The ones I have to get are Razzleberry, Unicorn, Neptune, Shimmermint, Poolside, Chickadee and Mango Tango! Very creative names, don’t you think? 😀 Here’s a link to the eyeshadows if you want to check them out:

Individually, the eyeshadows cost 5,99 $ and the kit I ordered, with 8 colours, costs 45$. They ship worldwide and as I said, the shipping is very fast. 🙂

I don’t think I have anything negative to say about these beautiful eyeshadows. I just have to say “You’re very welcome in my makeup bag!”

Stars: 5/5 😀

I hope this review was helpful and don’t be afraid to ask any questions about the eyeshadows. 🙂

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review: NYX Box of Eye Shadows, 112 Colors!

The NYX Box of Eye Shadows is an eye shadow palette, which contains 112 colours. As you might have seen, I use this palette in a lot of my makeup looks. I want to give a review of this palette, just to show you what I like about it. 🙂

The palette has two layers. The top layer contains mostly neutral eye shadows and the lower layer has a lot of bright coloured ones. There are both matte, metallic, satin, shimmery and sparkly finishes.

Swatches of the matte eyeshadows in the palette:

Swatches of my favorite colours, (I also love many of the matte shadows):


I used a primer underneath the eyeshadows in the pictures, even though most of them are very pigmented! The swatches doesn’t show exactly how good the colours really look, but I hope you get an idea of how some of them are. 🙂

You can do a lot of looks with this palette: Natural eye, smokey eye, metallic eye, bright looks, shimmery – or matte looks, or you can mix different finishes.

This is a great palette if you want a lot of colours to experiment with, like I love to do 🙂 The shadows are very easy to apply and they blend very well. They also stay on all day!

All in all, the NYX Box of eyeshadows is a great and versatile palette that I love and use a lot! The only negative thing about it, is that it might be a little difficult to travel with. Other than that, I highly recommend it 🙂

I bought my palette for 35 $ at They often have it on sale. Like right now they have it for 27,99 $, which I think is a good price for all of those beautiful colours! 🙂

Stars: 5/5 🙂

I hope this was helpful!

GlitterGirlC 🙂