Spring Leopard Nails!

Hi guys! ^-^ I know I haven’t posted as many looks as I usually do, these last two weeks, because I’m trying to focus on reading for my exams. I’m going to try to at least make one makeup look a week though! 😉 I haven’t worn makeup in two weeks, so my hands are itching for my colorful eyeshadows, lol 😛 I can’t wait for June to come… Then I’ll do lots and lots of looks! 😀 I just thought I’d let you know what’s going on. 🙂

Anyway, wearing pretty nail colors has gotten me through these “non- makeup weeks.” xD I’ve been obsessed with my Julie G nail polishes, as you might have noticed! I made this design on my sister last week, with the colors she liked the best, and I had to try it myself. I made a quick tutorial as well, which I hope you find helpful! ^-^

Products used:

  • Sally Hansen – Complete Care 4-in-1 nail treatment
  • Julie G – Gelato in Venice
  • Julie G – Bikini
  • Viva la Diva – Nr. 53, Black
  • Seche Vite – Dry fast top coat
  • Toothpicks

How to:

Apply a base coat and when that’s dry, one thick coat of “Gelato in Venice.”

Place some of “Bikini” onto a sheet of paper and pick some of the color up, with a toothpick. Create different sized and shaped dots, with that hot pink.

Now, put some black colored nail polish onto the paper. Pick a little bit up with a new toothpick. Carefully make some black strokes on each side of the pink dots and make them all in different sizes. Every leopard has an unique pattern, so the design doesn’t have to be geometrically perfect! In the end, place some small, random dots of black in between the pink dots. Wait at least an hour, before you apply a top coat. 🙂

This is a very easy design, which I think anyone can do! I’m right handed, so I know it would have been difficult to apply the black on my right hand. I always get my boyfriend to do this on that hand and I must say he does a great job, (otherwise, I wouldn’t have worn it out, lol 😉 ) So get someone else to do that for you, if you find it difficult! ^-^

I bought the JulieG nail polishes at jessesgirlcosmetics.com 🙂

I hope you liked this nail design!

GlitterGirlC 🙂


25 thoughts on “Spring Leopard Nails!

  1. Hei. Jeg så at du hadde kommentert på mallo88.blogg.no sitt innlegg om The Marilyn Teasing Brush . Og jeg lurte litt på om du kunne vise hvordan du bruker den og om den er god, holder håret seg lenge tupert osv. Det hadde vært veldig fint om du kunne ha gjort det. For jeg har leitet litt og finner ikke så mye om denne børsten og har veldig lyst på den, men vil vite litt mer om den.

    Kjempe kult negledesign! Skjønner ikke hvordan du får det til =P

    Ha en fin dag! =)

    • Tusen takk! 😀

      Jeg har ikke brukt den så mye ennå, men når jeg har skjønt meg på hvordan jeg får volumet til å holde, så lager jeg gjerne et innlegg om den 🙂 Volumet har ikke holdt så lenge for meg, men nå har jeg jo hår som går nesten ned til rompa, hehe 😛 Men den vil nok være super for de med kortere hår! Den er uansett mye bedre enn alle andre tupperingskammer jeg har prøvd… den gir i alle fall litt volum xD Håper dette hjalp noe ^-^

      Håper du får en fin dag du også! :o)

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