Review: Makeup Geek eyeshadows!

This is a review of my Makeup Geek eyeshadows. You’ve probably seen me using these eyeshadows in a lot of my makeup looks! πŸ˜€ For those of you who don’t know, Makeup Geek (MUG) is a makeup company, created by the gorgeous Marlena from the Youtube channel “MakeupGeekTV.”

I’ve already done a review on their “Starter kit”, which you can read about,Β here. Some of the eyeshadows in this kit, I haven’t added to this review, since I’ve already talked about them. πŸ™‚

The packaging these eyeshadow pans come in are very similar to MAC’s packaging, but a lot more fun and pretty! πŸ˜‰

These shadows are the smoothest ones I’ve every tried! πŸ˜€ They’re also super pigmented, blends beautifully and they are of very good quality! An other positive thing about these shadows, is that they’re cruelty-free! Right now, there are 56 different colors to choose from and you can get them in both pans and compacts.

If you buy the eyeshadows in pans it’s very practical to place them in palettes. I’m using my Z-palettes, where the shadows fit perfectly! As you can see, I have one colorful palette and one more “natural”.

Here are lots of swatches:


Wisteria is such a pretty, pale lavender color! It has a matte finish and it looks so good on the lid!

Fairytale is a beautiful lavender eyeshadow, with a matte finish.

DuchessΒ is a medium to dark, cool purple eyeshdow, with a matte texture. It would be verry pretty on the lid or in the crease, for a purple smokey eye! πŸ˜‰

Twilight is a light brownish, purple color, with a shimmery finish. This eyeshadow has a gorgeous shine to it and I definitely think Bella would have worn this beauty! ;D

I love what they’ve written about the eyeshadow on the Makeup Geek page:

No pasty vampires watching you while you sleep. No werewolves trying to steal your heart. Just a shimmery purple taupe eyeshadow. (And if you’re might just sparkle in the sun…)Β 

Last Dance is a plummy brown color with a satin finish. This one would look great in the crease, with Twilight on the lid! ^-^

Sensuos is a dark, shimmery plum color, with flecks of silver. I love to use this one in the crease, to add dimension.


FujiΒ is one of my favorite colors out of these! It is a gorgeous matte, lime green shadow, which I love to use on my lid!

Pixie DustΒ is a shimmery, goldish green eyeshadow, that is so bright and pretty!

Dirty Martini is a true olive green color, with a matte finish.

ShimmermintΒ is a metallic, mint green color, with some gold shimmer to it. It’s a beautiful color, but I wish that the mint was more vibrant. This one I love to blend out green crease colors with! πŸ™‚

Appletini is a shimmery, apple green with some gold shimmer to it!

Envy is a metallic, dark green color. This one is also shimmery.

Black and White:Β 

White Lies is a matte white, which is perfect as a highlight!

Ice Queen is a frosty, shimmery white color. If you have all matte colors on your eyes, this eyeshadow will be perfect as a highlight on your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eyes! πŸ˜‰

Mercury is a metallic, shimmery silver eyeshadow. This would be pretty to use on the lid, to spice up a black smokey eye!

Stealth is a matte, true grey. This is my first matte grey, which I’ve wanted for a long time!

Galaxy is a metallic, deep silver color. It has some sparkle to it.

Corrupt is the blackest matte black you’ll ever find! I use this all the time. Be careful not to get too much fall out with this one though, (only use a little product at a time.) That’s all that is needed, with that crazy pigmentation! ;D


Bada Bing is a deep brown eyeshadow with flecks of gold. This is the perfect brown crease color, for a night out! πŸ™‚

Brown Sugar is a warm copper brown, with a shimmery finish.

Goddess is a very pretty metallic copper color! This looks gorgeous on the lid, with Brown Sugar in the crease! πŸ˜€

Latte is a matte, medium brown. It looks good in the crease, for a brown, everyday look!

Pretentious is a metallic, bronze eyeshadow.

Homecoming is a medium brown with gold shimmer. The shine from this one is amazing!


Unicorn is a shimmery, blue purple. πŸ™‚

Neptune is a matte, bright blue shadow. It is not the most pigmented, but when you build it up, it becomes very vibrant, (something you might see in the picture.) πŸ˜‰

Poolside is my absolute favorite MUG color! It’s a bright, shimmery blue with some gold shimmer to it. The picture really doesn’t give this color justice! It is just stunning! ❀

Peacock is a deep teal blue, with a matte finish.

Sea Mist is a shimmery turquoise eyeshadow.

Mermaid is a metallic teal with flecks of gold.

Yellow and Orange:

Chickadee is a matte yellow color. The color kind of reminds me of mustard… In a good way, hehe πŸ™‚

Manderine is a bright orange with flecks of gold.

Mango Tango is a peachy, coral color, which I use a lot! It has tiny flecks of gold. ^-^

Yellow Brick Road is a shimmery, pale yellow.

Gold Digger is a metallic gold. It’s the first color I’ve found that is a true gold, not a bronze gold. ;P

Bleached Blonde is a pale gold, with a shimmery finish.

Pink and Red:

Cinderella is a pale, shimmery pink/ coral eyeshadow, which I love to use on the lid with Mango Tango in the crease. πŸ™‚

Country Girl is a pink and brown color, with a shimmery finish.

Razzleberry is also one of my favorite Makeup Geek eyeshadows! It’s a bright raspberry, pink/red color, with gold glitter. ^-^

Cupcake is a matte, medium pink shadow. I like to use this one on my lid, with Country Girl in the crease, for an everyday pink look. πŸ˜‰

Bitten is a deep maroon red, with a matte finish.

Burlesque is a beautiful, deep metallic burgandy eyeshadow.

Here are some of the makeup looks I’ve created, using Makeup Geek eyeshadows!

Colorful looks:

More “natural” looks:

The Makeup Geek web store ship worldwide and the shipping cost, I think is great, compared to many other stores I’ve bought from! πŸ˜€

Both the eyeshadow pans and the compacts contain 1,8g/ 0,064oz of products. The pans cost 5,99 $ and the compacts, 7,99 $. This I think is a great price for the amazing quality you get!

If you’re interested in checking out the MUG eyeshadows, you can visit their store,Β HERE! ^-^

I hope this review was helpful! Take care! ❀

GlitterGirlC πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “Review: Makeup Geek eyeshadows!

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  2. The colours look very pretty. I would like to try them cause I don’t own anything from them yet. and I love smooth pressed eyeshadows! Thanks for posting this ❀

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