Sugarpill Haul! :D

Hello lovelies! 😀

I just got my Sugarpill limited edition eyeshadow, that they sold for only three days, two weeks ago! 😀 I’m so excited about it! I always get a bit crazy when I see my Sugarpill package in the mail… I always find myself jumping up and down, screaming, haha xD

And I never get dissapointed! 😉 The shadow is as pigmented as all the other beautiful Sugarpill eyeshadows and it contains a gorgeous silver glitter! ❤ The shadow called “@#$%!” is similar to “Love +”, but “Love +” is a much deeper red with only a hint of sparkles to it. “@#$%!” is filled with sparkles and is a bit more pink. Both of them has a blue undertone, which I think is very pretty! 😀

I also got the super cute “Pillkitty” which is their new key chain. I only have one key, so I’ve never really needed a key chain… but this was the perfect excuse to get one! 😉 Adorable! ❤

I was also lucky to get a sample of one of Sugarpill’s loose eyeshadows “Stella”! 😀

I hope you liked this little haul. I can’t wait to use my new beauty in a look! 😉

GlitterGirlC 🙂


12 thoughts on “Sugarpill Haul! :D

  1. I can’t wait to get mine! Looks really pigmented!I love the kittypill key chain! My problem is I’m using 2 key chain together with my 4 keys lol. I think I will put it in front of me so it doesn’t get dirty hahaha I should have bought at least 2 to keep one as collection XD

    • Hehe, When I got it I though about that too! Cuz I don’t want it to get dirty 😦 So, I might put it in my Sugarpill box and buy an other one later ;D I’ve only used it once, so it’s still clean and beautiful! 😀

  2. looks so good that red, and such a good swatch!! ahhh you made me want it now!
    and you wont be disappointed by stella, trust me!! and when you’re done using it as an eyeshadow i suggest you try it as an eyeliner! mix it with like sealing gel from illamasqua, mixing medium from mac, just something liquid that sets!! again, you won’t be disappointed!!//Azure

    • Thank you, sweetie! 🙂 I’m glad you like the swatch! 😀 I already had Stella, (but I didn’t mind an other sample hehe 😉 ), and it’s super pretty… But I haven’t used it as I liner yet! I have to get one of those mixing mediums, cuz I’ve only been using water and I’ve heard these ones are great! Thank you so much for the idea! ;D ❤

  3. That shadow is gorgeous! It looks a lot like MUG Razzleberry! Did you know that Razzleberry was the very first thing that Marlena mad efor her makeup line?

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