My Skincare Routine!

Hi lovelies! ❤

I’ve never done a skincare video before, but now I’ve finally found a routine that works for me, so I wanted to share it with you guys! I hope you’ll find it helpful! 😀

Products mentioned and used:

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Review – Makeup Geek Pigments :D

Hi lovelies! ❤

This will be a review on 14 of Makeup Geek’s pigments! I’ll tell you my thoughts on these and show you some swatches! 😀

Makeup Geek pigments


makeup geek pigments swatches one

  • Blitz is a medium, redish brown with tiny, lighter brown/coppery sparkles in it.
  • Utopia is my favorite out of these pigments! It’s hard to describe the color of this one, but I would say it’s a glittery brown gold; a brown and gold duochrome. It is so intense and gorgeous! You can’t apply this on it’s own, cuz there will be fall out everywhere. So use a glitter glue before applying it or mix it with a mixing medium. In the picture, I’ve mixed it with the Illamasqua sealing gel. I know Inglot and Elf has mixing mediums as well and you can also use MAC Fix+.
  • Vegas Lights is my second favorite out of the bunch! This is the perfect, vibrant copper shade! In the picture I’ve swatched it dry, but this one will also look amazing when mixed with a mixing medium, (check out the Pocahontas look below, where I’ve used it wet, as a liner). It reminds me of a copper glitter that I have, so this is a shadow that is just as intense as a glitter! Amazing!
  • Liquid Gold is a super stunning, metallic gold shadow! When I look at it I think of old aztec gold. It has a green undertone which I think makes it perfect for an Egyptian or Arabic makeup look! This pigment is also beautiful when used wet, so definitely experiment a bit with these pigments to see if you like them best wet or dry!

makeup geek pigments swatches two

  • Paparazzi is a dark, smokey grey with lots of silver sparkles.
  • Birthday Wish is a beautiful peachy brown with tiny flecks of gold in it.
  • Kryptonite is a dark moss green, metallic shade, with gold sparkles.
  • Insomnia is a very unique shade! It’s a blue and brown duochrome. Normally it looks brown, but when the sun hits it, you can see a gorgeous blue sheen!

makeup geek pigments swatches three

  • Prince Charming is a metallic, shimmery grey shade, with a cold blue undertone.
  • Nightlife is a rose gold, brown shadow with tiny copper and gold sparkles in it.
  • Enchanted is a very pretty, dark plum eyeshadow with light pink sparkles.

makeup geek pigments swatches four

  • New Years Eve is a peachy nude with lots of gold glitters. It is the one that makes the most glittery fallout, but applied carefully, it will look gorgeous on the lid or as an inner corner highlight.
  • Sweet Dreams is a pinkish nude color, with slight shimmer to it. I would use this on the lid, for an everyday look.
  • Afterglow is a gorgeous champagne shade! It is similar to Sweet Dreams, but a lot more shimmery. So I would use Sweet Dreams on the lid for a daytime look and then pack this shade on top to make it into a night-time look! 😉

Some of my looks using these pigments:

Peacock makeup

In this Peacock look, I used Nightlife wet, to draw the brown parts of the “feathers”.

mulan makeup

Here I used Enchanted wet, as a liner. I also mixed in a tiny bit of a brighter pink.

Pocahontas makeup

In this Pocahontas inspired look, I’m using Vegas Lights as a liner.

Indian bridal makeup

In this look, I’m using Liquid Gold at the inner part of the lid and the lower lash line.

bridal makeup

On the lid here, I’ve used Afterglow. Look at that shine! 😀

Prom MakeupIn this look I’ve used Paparazzi all over the lid and Utopia to the center of the lid. At the inner corner of the eye, I’ve used Afterglow.

My overall thoughts on these pigments, is that they are so silky smooth (the softest pigments I’ve tried), easy to apply, and super pigmented! They look amazing both dry and wet, and I love using a lot of them wet, to create vibrant liners. ❤

It’s a bit messy to open and close the jars because they don’t have a sifter. But Marlena, the owner, has said that they are planning on adding sifters! 😀 You can also buy sifters on their website, to add to these jars! Also, New Years Eve and Utopia (dry) will give you some fall out, but the rest of them wont! But with all pigments and loose shadows, you should tap off the excess of your brush and pack the color on carefully, to avoid fall out!

The pigments are cuelty free, talc free and made in USA. Each pigment contains 1,4g/ 0,05oz of product and costs $6,99. I think that is a good price for the amazing quality of these shadows! 🙂 Makeup Geek ships worldwide and you can get their pigments, HERE 😀

I hope this review was helpful to you! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

BeautyBay Haul :D

Hi dear readers! ❤

This is my first Haul video, so I’d love to get your feedback on it! 😀 It’s a BeautyBay haul where I show you all the products that I won in a giveaway they had. I picked out the products myself, and love them, so that’s why I thought I’d call it a haul! ^-^ I hope you like the video! ❤

Have an awesome day!

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Spring Makeup using Meow Cosmetics! :D Collab with SakuraDesu! <3

Hi lovelies! ❤

The snow is finally starting to dissapear here now and the first flowers are showing! These flowers are yellow/orange, so that’s what inspired me when I did this spring themed look! 🙂

spring makeupI’m doing the look in collaboration with my super kind and talented friend, SakuraDesu! ❤ We chose a spring theme and she also got inspired by the flowers that grow where she lives! 😀 Those flowers are lavender. I love her look so much! Both the shape and the color combo is stunning!!! ❤

spring makeup

We used Meow Cosmetics eyeshadows for our looks and I think the colors are super gorgeous! 😀

Products used:

  • Sigma – Eyeshadow base in Persuade
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • Sugarpill – Eyeshadow in Tako
  • Meow Cosmetics – Eyeshadows in OMG Jungle Juice, ROFLMAO, Teal Tini, Thunder and GMTA.
  • L’Oreal – Super liner in Carbon Gloss
  • Ardell – Lashes in nr. 118
  • Maybelline – Vollume million lashes mascara
  • Moa Cosmetics – Lip gloss in Wild Side

Spring flower makeup

spring makeup look

To see Sakura’s list of products and other beautiful looks, check out her blog, HERE and facebook page HERE! 😀 ❤

meow cosmetics spring makeup

I hope that you like both our looks! ❤ Have an awesome day! 😀

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Review: New Makeup Geek eyeshadows! :D

Hi sweeties! ❤ I think it’s been 3 weeks since I last posted something! :O I’m so sorry about that! I was home from college during Easter and visited family and friends and this week I’ve had lots of assignments to do at school! But I’ve managed to film 2 new videos that I just need to edit, so most likely, one will be up on monday! 😀 Makeup Geek new shadowsThis post will be a review of Makeup Geek’s 5 new eyeshadows that they launched last week! 😀 If you follow my blog, facebook or Youtube channel you’ve definitely heard of Makeup Geek, since I use their shadows and gel liners in almost every look! ❤ Their shadows are very beautiful, soft and super pigmented, and these new ones are no exception! I would even say that they’re more pigmented, which I didn’t think was possible! 😉 Here are my swatches: Makeup Geek swatchesI think they look beautiful in the picture, but they’re even more gorgeous in real life! ❤ So the names of the shadows, as you can see, are Graphite, Cosmopolitan, Simply Marlena, Hipster and Frappé.

Graphite is a shimmery medium grey color, with a few, gorgeous silver flecks in it! I think this would look gorgeous to bring some sparkle to a black smokey eye! ;D

Cosmopolitan is the eyeshadow I’ve been waiting to add to my makeup collection! I’ve been looking for the perfect rose gold and this is the one! ❤ It’s shimmery and truly vibrant! It’s also very pigmented and applies softly. 😀 Today, I filmed a tutorial using this one on the lids 😉

Simply Marlena is a bright, but not neon bright pink! And I love that, cuz I don’t have a similar pink! It’s named after the gorgeous owner of Makeup Geek, Marlena! 😀 The first thing I thought when I saw this one was “Finally a Makeup Geek pink!” They have a couple of pinkish colors already, but this one is a true pink! ❤ It’s also matte and has a cool undertone. I just really love it… it’s bright and fun and applies like a dream!

Hipster is a slightely shimmery, sandy taupe color. It’s quite dark and is cool-toned. I would wear this in the crease for an everyday look! ;D

Frappé is a matte, medium redish brown. Since it’s a reddish brown, it is a very warm color! It is similar to my favorite brown from them, “Cocoa Bear” which is also a very warm, matte brown. Frappé is just a bit lighter then Cocoa Bear. I used these 2 together in the crease in the video I filmed today and I loved the combo! ❤

My overall view of the eyeshadows is that they are all very smooth without leaving fallout, they’re pigmented, vibrant and easy to apply! I have nothing bad to say about them, so this might be a boring review for you to read, hehe 😉

You can get the eyeshadows in pans for $5,99 each, here and in compacts for $7,99 each, here. 🙂 They contain 1,8g/0,064oz of product, which I think makes the price very good, especially with the amazing quality you’re getting! ^-^ An other big plus is that they ship all over the world!

As you can see from the first picture, there are more than these 5 eyeshadows. With these last ones I completed my Makeup Geek shadow collection! And that’s all thanks to Makeup Geek, that was super kind and sent them to me! ❤ I just organized them and placed them in my Z-palettes! My beautiful babies! 😀

makeup geek eyeshadow collectionI hope you found this review helpful and I’ll talk to you when my next look comes out! 😀

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sugarpill sale! :D

Hi sweethearts! 😀

Super exciting news! It’s Black Friday and lots of sales are going on! And the one I wanted to let you guys know about, is the Sugarpill Pink Weekend Sale! ❤ Along with Makeup Geek products, Sugarpill eyeshadows are the ones I use the most and just can’t live without, so I that’s why I wanted to make a post about this sale! 😉 This Black Friday they have 30% off everything in store and from Saturday trough out Monday there will be 20% off everything! 😀 I bought most of my palettes on this sale last year, so it’s a great way to finally get these beauties or to add some to your collection!


You can check out the sale, HERE! 😀

Here are some of my looks, where I’m using all Sugarpill:





The link I’ve added here is my affiliate link! 🙂

I hope you get the goodies you want and have a wonderful weekend! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sugarpill Haul! :D

Hello lovelies! 😀

I just got my Sugarpill limited edition eyeshadow, that they sold for only three days, two weeks ago! 😀 I’m so excited about it! I always get a bit crazy when I see my Sugarpill package in the mail… I always find myself jumping up and down, screaming, haha xD

And I never get dissapointed! 😉 The shadow is as pigmented as all the other beautiful Sugarpill eyeshadows and it contains a gorgeous silver glitter! ❤ The shadow called “@#$%!” is similar to “Love +”, but “Love +” is a much deeper red with only a hint of sparkles to it. “@#$%!” is filled with sparkles and is a bit more pink. Both of them has a blue undertone, which I think is very pretty! 😀

I also got the super cute “Pillkitty” which is their new key chain. I only have one key, so I’ve never really needed a key chain… but this was the perfect excuse to get one! 😉 Adorable! ❤

I was also lucky to get a sample of one of Sugarpill’s loose eyeshadows “Stella”! 😀

I hope you liked this little haul. I can’t wait to use my new beauty in a look! 😉

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sugarpill – Limited edition eyeshadow!

Yay! 😀 The limited edition eyeshadow from Sugarpill, called “@#$%!” is now available for 3 days only at the Sugarpill site! 😀 It was sold exclusively at IMATS this year and I was afraid I’d never get it (since I live in Norway)… What can I say, I NEED it in my beloved Sugarpill collection, hehe ;D ❤ I just ordered it… Can’t wait to use this beauty!! ❤

A swatch of the shadow:

They have also come out with this ultra cute keychain, which I of course got as well! 😉 LOVE it! ❤

And last but not least, they’re now selling loose eyeshadow trios, for 30$ in stead of the actual value (36$)! I already have most of these loose shadows, so I didn’t get that, but I can definitely recommend them. 😉 My favorites are Royal Sugar, Goldilux, Decora, Absinthe, Darling and Paperdoll! ❤

Some of my looks, using the Chromalusts:

Royal Sugar, (the blue) :

Paperdoll, (light purple):

Darling on the lid, Paperdoll inside of the bow and Lumi in the inner corner:

I just had to tell you guys about this if you wanted to get the limited edition eyeshadow as well! 😀 You can get it, HERE! ❤

I hope you’ll have an amazing weekend!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

The Nail Dazzle Glitter swatches and sale! :D

Hi loves! 😀 I was lucky enough to get these super pretty glitters in the mail today! ❤ They’re from The Nail Dazzle, which has my go-to glitters and these glitters are even better than the ones I already have (I didn’t think that was possible, hehe) 😉

They have glitters that I find hard to find, like pure black, yellow, red and lime! They’re gorgeous! ^-^

I thought I’d show you some swatches of some of these! The Nail Dazzle has a sale (only today, 06.08.2012) with 50% off all their products! 😀 They sell mineral eyeshadows and acrylics too!

The amazing glitters I got:




And swatches of some of the mineral eyeshadows:


Shadows from the left: The Real Problem, Cosmic, Fell in Love, Blue Days, Aphrodite, Break-a-Pipe and New York. 😀

If you are interested in any of these, for 50% off, go to and email your order to! They will also send a free primer or glitter glue with every $50 order your choice and $75 orders get free shipping worldwide! 😀

I just though I’d let you know about this amazing deal, since a lot of you ask where I get my glitters from! 😉 Oh, and the glitters are normaly $4,50 each, mineral eyeshadows $5,00 and acrylics $3,00. So not the worst price from the start either! 😛

I hope you liked this little swatches and sale post!

GlitterGirlC 🙂



MUG and Maybelline! ^-^

Yay! Today, I got the Makeup Geek eyeshadows I bought during their “We love MUGs”-sale! 😀 I’ve only swatched them, but I absolutely love them already! So pretty colors and they’re so soft and silky! ❤ I can’t wait to make looks with these, and I’ll definitely do a review of the MUG eyeshadows I have, which are not in their “Starter kit”. You can check out the review on that kit, here. 🙂

I also got the Maybelline Fit Me foundation today, which I’m excited to be trying out! ^-^ Let me know if you want a review on it! 🙂

I hope you’re having a wonderful week!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

False eyelashes! :D

About a month ago I bought false eyelashes on ebay and today I got a whole bunch x) It was about time they arrived, because I think I had only two pairs of lashes left! ^-^ Here’s a mountain of  220 eyelashes, lol:

There are both upper – and bottom lashes and I only spent a total of 20 $ on them! 😀 I’m so excited about making some new looks with these! Any suggestions on which ones I should try first? 🙂

I hope you’re having a great day! New look coming soon! ^-^

GlitterGirlC 🙂