Review: Star Crushed Minerals

Hi sweethearts! ❀

This will be a review of the makeup company Star Crushed Minerals, which sells mineral eyeshadows, mineral foundations, mineral blushes, glitters and nail polishes! πŸ˜€

In this review I will focus on the eyeshadows, which I’ve been trying out this fall and winter! You might have seen me doing some looks using these shadows, but if you haven’t, you can check them out below! πŸ˜‰

star crushed minerals

I love the fact that the eyeshadows are mineral shadows, because that makes them a lot better too use on sensitive eyes! They are also cruelty free and free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, talc, cornstarch, bismuth oxvchloride, fragrance and chemicals! πŸ˜€ An other awesome thing is that the shadows are preservative free, which means that they will not go bad!

All of the eyeshadows are hand blended by the owner! I should also mention that she makes the shadows when the orders come in, so it might take 5 – 7 business days to recieve the package. ^-^

Now on to some swatches! πŸ˜€

SCM Swatches 1

Deep Ocean Blue: This is an absolutely stunning blue, with lots of tiny turquoise sparkles in it, which give it that ocean blue feeling!

Electric Lime: This is a gorgeous, shimmery lime shadow!

Purple People Eater: A deep purple with red sparkles! The sparkles in these eyeshadows doesn’t show very well in the picture above, but they are definitely showing in real life! πŸ˜€

Candy Apple Red: This is a very vibrant, shimmery, true red!

Yellow Brick Road: This yellow is shimmery, bright and beautiful!

SCM Swatches 2

Superman: The swatch does definitely not give this gorgeous blue justice! It is a deep blue, with lots of amazing purple sparkles! It is the perfect dupe to Sugarpill’s Electro Cute pigment in Hellatronic! πŸ˜‰

Coral Pink: A pinkish coral shadow, with yellow sparkles!

Purple Lily: A shimmery, lovely warm purple!

Milkyway: This is a dark brown, almost black color with some gorgeous multi- colored glitters!

Shooting Star: A shimmery, ice white, which is beautiful to use at the inner corner of the eye!

SCM Swatches 3

Emerald City: A moss green, with lots of multi- colored sparkles!

Lucky Penny: A very pretty, shimmery mustard yellow!

Black Garnet: This deep burgandy is incredible! I wish you could see the amazing red sheen it has in real life!

Lavender Star: A lovely, light lavender, with a shimmery finish!

Black Amethyst: This is a shimmery, deep purple eyeshadow!

SCM Swatches 4

California Poppy: A shimmery, pumpkin orange!

Magenta: This is a matte, magenta color!

Black Sapphire: A gorgeous dark green, with lots of blue sparkles!

White Bronze: Shimmery white, with a beautiful pink sheen to it!

Deep Cranberry: This shadow is a shimmery cranberry!

SCM Swatches 5

Fire Opal Black: This black eyeshadow has a very pretty purple sheen to it, which you can’t see from the swatch!

Avocado: A shimmery, true avocado color!

Chocolate Cupcake: A dark brown with some beautiful multi- colored sparkles!

Golden Mustard: This is a lot lighter, mustard colored shadow, than Lucky Penny! It is very sparkly as well!

Golden Rose: A very pretty, glittery baby pink!

My overall thoughts about these shadows, are that they’re very soft, pigmented, easy to use and blend, vibrant and simply gorgeous! I wish the pictures could show the beautiful sparkles better! Most of the sparkle stays on the lid, which I think is great! To get all the glitter to stay, you can use a glitter adhesive before applying the shadow!

These are loose eyeshadows, so you will get a little bit of fall out! Tap off the excess from your brush and apply a small amount at a time, to prevent most of it!

Some of my looks using Star Crushed Minerals:

Green Smokey Eye:

Green Smokey eye

Green Smokey eye

Here I used Avocado at the highest part of the crease, Emerald City directly into the crease, Black Sapphire on the lid, Fire Opal Black on the waterline and White Bronze at the inner corner of the eye.

Cranberry Smokey Eye:

Cranberry smokey eye

Cranerry smokey eye

In this look I used Deep Cranberry in the crease, Black Garnet on the lid, Lucky Penny at the inner corner of the eye and Black Sapphire on the lower lash line.

Blue and lime look:

Blue and lime makeup

Blue and lime makeup look

Here I used Deep Ocean Blue at the inner lid, Superman at the outer lid, Shooting Star at the inner corner of the eye, Electric Lime on the lower lash line and Milkyway as a liner, (mixed with a mixing medium).

The price of the eyeshadows depends of the quantity you want to buy:

0,5g of product cost $2,5, 1g cost $5 and 2,5g cost $10.

You save the most on the 2,5g jars. I would recommend buying the 0,5g jars first to test out the colors, and if you find ones you really love, you can buy a 2,5g jar! πŸ˜‰

Star Crushed Minerals ship worldwide! Check out their store,Β HERE! πŸ˜€

I hope this review was helpful to you lovelies! ❀

GlitterGirlC πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Review: Star Crushed Minerals

  1. Wow!! These SCM looks are amazing. I especially love the purple smokey eye look! Because of your post, Im going to purchase SCM pigment eyeshadows right now!!

  2. I ordered product from them over a month ago. I have NEVER received product. I would love to try these shadows because they look amazing. Too bad their customer service is terrible. Waste of my time and money for no product 😦 Your makeup application is gorgeous btw!

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