Review: The Body Needs! :D

Hi sweeties! ❤

This will be a review on the makeup company The Body Needs! 😀

They sell cruelty free, good quality and mineral products, such as both pressed and loose eyeshadows, lipsticks, glitters, rhinestones, blushes, concealers, brush cleansers and mixing medium! They also offer sample sizes of selected MAC products for those who want to try before investing in the full sized product! ^-^

The Body Needs

I will mainly focus on The Body Needs’ eyeshadows, lippies, blushes and glitters today!

Eyeshadow swatches: 

The Body Needs swatches

  • Tangerine: A light. shimmery peach.
  • Lemon Drop: Shimmery, bright yellow.
  • Raspberry Pink: Vibrant, shiny pink with a blue undertone.
  • Green Apple: A very pretty, shimmery apple green/ mint.

TBN Eyeshadows 2

  • Strawberry: Just as bright as Raspberry Pink and similar to it, but it’s a bit more coral.
  • Grape Soda: Shiny lilac shadow.
  • Blueberry: A gorgeous, shimmery, medium blue.
  • Atlantis: Vibrant, shimmery yellow, with a hint of lime.

TBN Eyeshadows 3

  • Juniper: A dark blue, with turquoise sparkles.
  • Aztec Yellow: A matte, darker yellow.
  • Sparkles Copper: A very sparkly, beautiful copper color.
  • Smoked Copper: A shimmery silver with flecks of copper in it.

The Body Needs Eyeshadows 4

  • Patina: Beautiful military green, with gold shimmer.
  • Russa: Such a gorgeous deep cranberry color, with lots of pink sparkles.
  • Blackened Violet: A dark, almost black violet with lots on violet flecks in it.
  • Blackened Turquoise: An amazing, sparkly, dark forrest green.

TBN Eyeshadows 5

  • Shamrock: Green with a beautiful sheen to it.
  • Helitrope: Shiny fuchsia color, with a blue undertone.
  • Autumn: A matte, dark shocolate colored shadow.

My thoughts on the eyeshadows, are that they are all very soft and easy to apply. They are super vibrant and blend easily! As with all other loose eyeshadows, you should tap off the extra shadow from your brush before applying them, so that you get the least amount of fall out! I have nothing bad to say about these! They are mineral which is great for people with sensitive eyes and the colors are gorgeous! 😀

The Body Needs ship worldwide, and you can get the pressed eyeshadows, HERE!

One pan of pressed shadow consists of 2g / 0,07oz of product and costs $3,99.

You can check out their loose eyeshadows HERE!

A 5g jar costs $1,99 and a 10g jar costs $3,79.

Now, over to the lipsticks/ lip lusters.

TBN lipsticks

  • Funky Ladybug: A true red color.
  • Cloyingly Coral: An orange coral.
  • Tender Kiss: A pinkish coral.
  • Girl Power: Light pink lippie.
  • Rumors: A fuchsia color.

I love these lip lusters! They are so soft, pigmented and they don’t bleed. Tender Kiss, Rumors and Cloyingly Coral smell like delicious strawberries! ❤ The only negative thing I have to say about these, is that it’s hard to twist the lippie down when you’ve twisted it up. So, be careful not to twist it too much right away! 😉

Each lip luster consists of 4g / 0,14oz and costs $2,79. You can buy them, HERE!

Glitter swatches: 

TBN Glitters

  • Holo-Pink: Gorgeous pink glitter, with lots of multicolored sparkles in it.
  • Purple Duochrome: Blue and purple duochrome glitter.
  • Rock Star: Orange glitter with yellow sparkles.

These are all very fine, eye safe glitters which cover very well! I love the colors and the texture of these!

Get them, HERE!

A 5g jar costs $1,99 and a 10g jar costs $3,79.


TBN Blushes

  • Sinful: Peachy pink with gold shimmer.
  • Lola: A nude corally color, with a tiny bit of sprakles in it.

These two blushes are gorgeous. Sinful is very light and sparkly. It’s a bit too glittery for an everyday look, but for a party, it’s perfedt! Lola leaves more of a matte finish, but you can see some shiny sparkles in it. I love that they are both buildable, so you can get the intensity you want!

You can find the blushes in the store, HERE!

Each jar contains 1,5g / 0,05oz of product and costs $2,99.

In conclusion, I think The Body Needs have a large variaty of good quality products to an affordable price! The eyeshadows are so gorgeous, the lippies are smooth and smell delicious, their glitters are beautiful and eye safe, and their blushes look amazing! 😀

Here are some looks I’ve done, using their shadows and glitters:

blue glittery prom look

Here I used “Blueberry” to blend out the darker blue in the crease.

Spring makeup look

In this look I used their eyeshadows in Strawberry (the red), Tangerine (the orange), Lemon Drop (the yellow) and Green Apple (minty green). I also used their glitter in Rock Star, in the crease.


I used TBN eyeshadows in Atlantis (inner part of the lid), Green Apple (middle of the lid), Blackened Turquoise (outer part of the lid), Shamrock (blending color in the crease), Blueberry (inner 2/3 of the lower lash line), Juniper (outer 1/3 of the lower lash line). I also used their glitter in Purple Duochrome on the lower lash line.

St. Davids day makeup look

In this St. Davids’s day inspired look, I used their yellow eyeshadow Lemon Drop as a lid color and the green color Shamrock at the inner part of the cut crease!

I hope this review helped you out, lovelies! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂


4 thoughts on “Review: The Body Needs! :D

  1. Woooooooow! That last look is awesome! 😀 I love the Patina shade, and the blackened violet, as well as the Lola blush! 😀

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