Arabic, Purple Cut Crease Makeup, using Sugarpill Cosmetics

Hi sweeties! ❤

In this look I’ve used some of my favorite Sugarpill eyeshadows, which are some of my fave shadows in general! ❤ I feel like all of these colors together makes it into an arabic type of look, and it reminds me a bit of Aladdin’s magic carpet, hehe 😉 The cut crease that I’ve made here is my favorite way of doing a purple cut crease! The colors are so gorgeous and they blend so easily and perfectly together! 😀 I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Sugarpill arabic makeup


Video Tutorial: 

Products used: 


59 thoughts on “Arabic, Purple Cut Crease Makeup, using Sugarpill Cosmetics

  1. wow I love this look ^_^
    I’m surprised, I never thought gold, royal blue and purple would look so good together!

  2. The video was very helpful on how to do cut creases in general, and those colors are gorgeous. Thanks!!

  3. I love how pigmented these color are and they blend so well together.. you really wouldn’t think that blue and purple would go good together but you made it work! Love this, love all your work, your really good:)

  4. I have heard such positive feedback about Sugarpill products. I have yet to buy any myself, but I am definitely convinced by this look that the quality is worth the price. This is my favorite look of yours! The blue and purple pigments match my EDC outfit perfectly. I will definitely use this look at the festival this summer! Keep up the beautiful work! 🙂

  5. I love this look so much. The colors are so vibrant and the gold liner on top of the black is an unexpected change-up too. I would totally wear this look out!!

  6. I cannot get over how stunning this blue is. I see your work all the time on my friend’s Instagram page, and I am very envious of the vibrant colors! No matter what primer I use, I cannot get the same smooth, bright result. The combination of blue, purples, and hold definitely gives the feeling of an Arabian night. Aladdin anyone??

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