Review – Makeup Geek Pigments :D

Hi lovelies! ❤

This will be a review on 14 of Makeup Geek’s pigments! I’ll tell you my thoughts on these and show you some swatches! 😀

Makeup Geek pigments


makeup geek pigments swatches one

  • Blitz is a medium, redish brown with tiny, lighter brown/coppery sparkles in it.
  • Utopia is my favorite out of these pigments! It’s hard to describe the color of this one, but I would say it’s a glittery brown gold; a brown and gold duochrome. It is so intense and gorgeous! You can’t apply this on it’s own, cuz there will be fall out everywhere. So use a glitter glue before applying it or mix it with a mixing medium. In the picture, I’ve mixed it with the Illamasqua sealing gel. I know Inglot and Elf has mixing mediums as well and you can also use MAC Fix+.
  • Vegas Lights is my second favorite out of the bunch! This is the perfect, vibrant copper shade! In the picture I’ve swatched it dry, but this one will also look amazing when mixed with a mixing medium, (check out the Pocahontas look below, where I’ve used it wet, as a liner). It reminds me of a copper glitter that I have, so this is a shadow that is just as intense as a glitter! Amazing!
  • Liquid Gold is a super stunning, metallic gold shadow! When I look at it I think of old aztec gold. It has a green undertone which I think makes it perfect for an Egyptian or Arabic makeup look! This pigment is also beautiful when used wet, so definitely experiment a bit with these pigments to see if you like them best wet or dry!

makeup geek pigments swatches two

  • Paparazzi is a dark, smokey grey with lots of silver sparkles.
  • Birthday Wish is a beautiful peachy brown with tiny flecks of gold in it.
  • Kryptonite is a dark moss green, metallic shade, with gold sparkles.
  • Insomnia is a very unique shade! It’s a blue and brown duochrome. Normally it looks brown, but when the sun hits it, you can see a gorgeous blue sheen!

makeup geek pigments swatches three

  • Prince Charming is a metallic, shimmery grey shade, with a cold blue undertone.
  • Nightlife is a rose gold, brown shadow with tiny copper and gold sparkles in it.
  • Enchanted is a very pretty, dark plum eyeshadow with light pink sparkles.

makeup geek pigments swatches four

  • New Years Eve is a peachy nude with lots of gold glitters. It is the one that makes the most glittery fallout, but applied carefully, it will look gorgeous on the lid or as an inner corner highlight.
  • Sweet Dreams is a pinkish nude color, with slight shimmer to it. I would use this on the lid, for an everyday look.
  • Afterglow is a gorgeous champagne shade! It is similar to Sweet Dreams, but a lot more shimmery. So I would use Sweet Dreams on the lid for a daytime look and then pack this shade on top to make it into a night-time look! 😉

Some of my looks using these pigments:

Peacock makeup

In this Peacock look, I used Nightlife wet, to draw the brown parts of the “feathers”.

mulan makeup

Here I used Enchanted wet, as a liner. I also mixed in a tiny bit of a brighter pink.

Pocahontas makeup

In this Pocahontas inspired look, I’m using Vegas Lights as a liner.

Indian bridal makeup

In this look, I’m using Liquid Gold at the inner part of the lid and the lower lash line.

bridal makeup

On the lid here, I’ve used Afterglow. Look at that shine! 😀

Prom MakeupIn this look I’ve used Paparazzi all over the lid and Utopia to the center of the lid. At the inner corner of the eye, I’ve used Afterglow.

My overall thoughts on these pigments, is that they are so silky smooth (the softest pigments I’ve tried), easy to apply, and super pigmented! They look amazing both dry and wet, and I love using a lot of them wet, to create vibrant liners. ❤

It’s a bit messy to open and close the jars because they don’t have a sifter. But Marlena, the owner, has said that they are planning on adding sifters! 😀 You can also buy sifters on their website, to add to these jars! Also, New Years Eve and Utopia (dry) will give you some fall out, but the rest of them wont! But with all pigments and loose shadows, you should tap off the excess of your brush and pack the color on carefully, to avoid fall out!

The pigments are cuelty free, talc free and made in USA. Each pigment contains 1,4g/ 0,05oz of product and costs $6,99. I think that is a good price for the amazing quality of these shadows! 🙂 Makeup Geek ships worldwide and you can get their pigments, HERE 😀

I hope this review was helpful to you! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂


36 thoughts on “Review – Makeup Geek Pigments :D

  1. I want Utopia, Paparazzi, and Liquid Gold soooo bad! I have Insomnia, Enchanted, and Afterglow, and they are so amazing! Though, they tend to be messy. Great post Cecilie! 😀

  2. I love MUG pigments ❤ Beautiful colour selection, great quality, amazing price…I have Enchanted, Liquid Gold, Insomnia, NY's Eve and Blitz…and I am really tempted to try Utopia some day, as everyone raves about it. Afterglow looks gorgeous on you btw :)!

  3. OBSESSED with Afterglow… Omg. I thought I had enough pigments lol but of course there is no such thing 😉 I MUST jump on the MUG bandwagon, these are just too beautiful. Afterglow seems so versatile!! For day or night- so perfect! And it’s just neutral enough that it’s not overwhelming to wear with my pink hair lol… It’s been difficult for me to stay away from intense/bright shades, this is such a perfect balance!

  4. The after glow is beautiful and alluring almost natural look. Yes i think filters included would be nice. My friends make fun of me when i pull my eyeshadow out and glitter flies everwhere.

  5. I LOVE your blending skills! Your applications are always bold and smooth. Keep moving forward you’re doing great !

  6. Your youtube videos are helpful and I definitely see your cool looks on instagram. Thanks for the useful and easy information!

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