Lime Crime – Review!

I’ve been trying out some Lime Crime products for a week now and thought I would share my thoughts about it, with you! 🙂 I bought three loose eyeshadows, one lipstick and one lip gloss. The primer I’ve had for a couple of months already. The packaging is so cute! ❤

The loose eyeshadows (Magic Dusts) I have, are Troubadour, Abracadabra and Lime Criminal. Love the names! 😀 They are all very shimmery colors and in the box you can see that they contain lots of sparkle! But as you can see from this look, they are shimmery, but they don’t look too sparkly on the lid, which I think is great! I think they have good pigmentation, but I had to apply a couple of layers to get the satisfied strength. They are easy to blend and the colors are beautiful! 🙂 Net weight: 2 g / 0.07 oz.


Troubadour: The perfect baby blue color!

Abracadabra: This is a beautiful, vibrant pink shadow, with subtle blue sparkles.

Lime Criminal: A shimmery, true lime color. Really gorgeous!

The Candy eyed eyeshadow helper:

This primer is amazing! It’s my new favorite one, which I use every day! 😀 So my beloved Too Faced Shadow Insurance is replaced with this cutie. 😉 Here is what Lime Crime says it does:

  • Prevents creasing for up to 24 hours
  • Makes your eye makeup waterproof
  • Intensifies color and keep it vibrant
  • Comes off with waterproof makeup remover or lotion

It definitely does exactly what it says! I’ve never experienced any creasing when using it and it grabs on to the shadow so well, even better than the Too Faced one! I can confirm that it is waterproof, because I have even cried, (don’t worry, it was tears of joy 😉 ), without the makeup even moving a bit! :O Lime Crime says the eyeshadow helper is formulated to withstand heat, sweat and even the oiliest of eyelids! My eyes are very dry and it works wonders for me too! ^^ It contains 7 g/ 0, 25 oz. of product.

Glamour 101 lipstick:

This gorgeous lipstick has the perfect wine red color I’ve been looking for! It’s a more deep red than the picture shows, because the exact color didn’t show up on camera. :/ Lime Crime describes it as a brown-based retro red. It is extremely pigmented and smooth. I used it when I went to the movies the other day and it stayed in place all day! 🙂 I would recommend lining your lips with a lip liner before applying this, to prevent feathering. Glamour 101 is a part of Lime Crime’s Lip Noir Collection and is a limited edition lipstick. It contains 3.5 g / 0.12 oz. of product.

Candy Apple lip gloss: 

The lip gloss is a part of this winter’s Carousel Gloss Collection and it is a deep ruby red color, filled with beautiful glitter! 😀 I love this lip gloss! It is very pigmented and applies smoothly. Apply a lip liner with this gloss as well. Remember blotting the inner part of your lips a few times, because it will transfer to your teeth if you don’t. Amount of product: 3.5 g / 0.12 oz. The color of the lipstick is closer to the color of the lip gloss, that this picture shows!

Candy Apple looks really good over Glamour 101. Together, these two lip products look even more vibrant! 😀

All in all I love the Lime Crime products I’ve got and the best part is that they are cruelty-free and most of them are vegan! The eyeshadows cost 13,99$, the lipsticks are 15,99$ and the lip glosses cost 16,99$. I think they are a bit expensive, but they’re very good! You can find these products, here.

I hope this review was helpful!

GlitterGirlC 🙂


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