Review – Sugarpill Cosmetics Chromalusts!

I’ve had some time to try out my newest Sugarpill chromalusts, so now I’m of course reviewing them! 😀 I already have a review on the Sugarpill palettes and 5 other loose eyeshadows, here!

The packaging of the Chromalusts is very cute, like the rest of the Sugarpill packaging. They come in a jar, where you can see the Sugarpill logo on the lid and the name of the shadow, underneath the jar.

Here are the 7 loose eyeshadows I’m reviewing today:

Swatches, (with a primer) :

Lumi is a shimmery white with lots of tiny turquoise sparkles! It’s very pretty as a highlight,but you can also use it on the lid or over any matte color, to make it shimmery. If you apply this shadow over a dark base, you will get a beautiful, shimmery blue color! Weight: 6 grams

Starling is a beautiful medium blue, with a metallic sheen to it! Weight: 4,5 grams.

Magentric is a deep magenta color, with a shimmery, metallic finish. It also has a pretty, turquoise sheen to it! Weight: 4 grams.

 Tipsy is a gorgeous green, with a shimmery finish! Weight: 4,5 grams.
Hysteric is a metallic, shimmery, purple color, with beautiful turquoise and green sparkles! Weight: 5 grams.

Goldilux! I just have to say “Wow!” You wont fin a more amazing color! It’s one of my favorite colors of all time! It’s a metallic, true gold, which is super vibrant, bright and shimmery! The first time I swatched this color, my jaw dropped and my eyes saw glitter, stars and sparkles! *-* It’s just SO pretty! I like to use it everywhere: on the lid, the lower waterline, as an eyeliner, on my brows and my lips! You can even use it as a body shimmer! 😀 Weight: 5 grams.

Stella is a very vibrant, black shadow, with lots of gorgeous rainbow sparkles to it! This is perfect for a black smokey eye or as a liner! 😉 Weight: 4,5 grams.
Overall, I love all of the colors! ❤ The pigmentation of these is just brilliant! They’re super vibrant, smooth and are very easy to blend! Remember to pack the colors onto the lid, instead of swiping them, so you don’t get any fall out with these loose eyeshadows! 🙂

The reason why the weight varies from each chromalust, is that they fill the jars to the top and some shadows are fluffy, while others are more dense!

As you can see from the packaging, these shadows are cruelty free and vegan! 🙂 Each of these beauties costs 12 $, which I think is a good price for the amount of product you get. They’ll last you forever! I’ve used them a lot, but they don’t even look used! xD You can get them at and they ship internationally! 😀

Some of my looks, using these Sugarpill chromalusts:

 I hope you found this review helpful!
GlitterGirlC 🙂

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