Blue smokey eye :)

Hey 😀 I’m very excited to show you this blue smokey eye look, using all blue/teal colors! I mainly did this look to try out the Makeup Geek gel liner in Fame and a couple of their new eyeshadows. But when I was finish, I though “I have to make a video of this look!” I just personally love the color combination and blue is my absolute fav color! ;D ❤

I hope you enjoy the look and the video!

Products used:

  • Lime Crime – Candy eyed eyeshadow helper
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in Poolside
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in Boo Berry
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in Nautica
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in White Lies
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in Ice Queen
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in Corrupt
  • Makeup Geek – Gel liner in Fame
  • Sugarpill – Eyeshadow in Mochi
  • Ebay false lashes
  • DUO – Eyelash glue
  • Maybelline – One by one mascara

The gel liner looks a bit more blue in this video than it really is! Here is a swatch that shows more of it’s true color, along with my other MUG gel liners. I love them! ❤

My Youtube channel: 😀

Have a wonderfull day, lovelies! ^-^

GlitterGirlC 🙂


Blush pink wedding look! :)

Hi sweeties! 😀

A girl named Amanda contacted me on my Facebook page yesterday and asked if I could do a wedding look, using a blush pink color. I must admit I’m not the best at wedding makeup, but this is some good practise ;D I hope she get’s inspired for her big day and that you guys like it! 😀

Products used:

  • Lime Crime – Candy eyed eyeshadow helper
  • Lime Crime – Eyeshadow in Royal Flush (lid)
  • Sugarpill – Eyeshadow in Tako (inner corner)
  • Sugarpill – Eyeshadow in Birthday Girl (crease)
  • Sugarpill – Eyeshadow in Decora (crease)
  • Sugarpill – Eyeshadow in Dollipop (crease)
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in White Lies (Brow bone)
  • Makeup Geek – Gel liner in Mobster
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • Julie De Lux – Glitter in Crystal (inner corner)
  • Ardell – False lashes in nr. 107


Most of the makeup in this look is from Sugarpill and Makeup Geek! ❤

I hope I “pinked-up” your saturday a bit, with this look! ;D Enjoy the rest of your day!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sweet Halloween look: Barbie inspired! ^-^

Hi beauties! ❤ Halloween is approaching fast now and I know I’ve done the Alice in Wonderland looks, which are great for that day, but I thought I’d do an other look for Halloween too! ;D I’m doing a Barbie inspired look. ^-^

I realise now that I should have done some dark, scary looks as well and I really don’t know why I haven’t done that! 😛 But I’ve gotten lots of Halloween suggestions from you guys, only during these first two days of my glitter giveaway and now I have lots of ideas for next year! ;D (I wish it could be one more month until Halloween though, so I could do them all now 😛 )

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this look and tutorial!

Products used:

  • Lime Crime – Candy eyed eyeshadow helper
  • Sugarpill – Pressed eyeshadow in Dollipop
  • Sugarpill – Pressed eyeshadow in 2AM
  • Sugarpill – Pressed eyeshadow in Tako
  • Lime Crime – Eyeshadow in Royal Flush
  • Sigma – Flare eyeshadow
  • TheNailDazzle – Glitter Glue
  • TheNailDazzle – Glitter eyes in Barbie’s
  • TheNailDazzle – Acrylic in Summer Lovin
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • DUO – Eyelash glue
  • L’Oreal – Super liner in Carbon Gloss
  • Maybelline – One by One mascara

Brushes used:

  • Makeup Mekka – Pro Shadow Shader brush 212.
  • Makeup Mekka – Pro Shadow Blending brush 201.
  • Makeup Mekka – Pro Large Shader brush
  • Sigma – E47 Crease brush
  • Sigma – E21 Smudge brush
  • Sigma – E36 Blending brush
  • Japonesque – Small shader brush
  • Japonesque – Small concealer brush

Here is the link to my glitter giveaway:

Makeup used in this look, is from Sugarpill and TheNailDazzle. 🙂

The brushes are from Sigma and Makeup Mekka. 🙂

Have a great day!

GlitterGirlC 🙂


Hi lovelies! 😀 I’m having a giveaway, where you can win 5 beautiful glitters from TheNailDazzle! ❤ As you might have seen, I use their glitters in most of my glittery looks and I’m so happy that I can give my favorites out of them to one of you guys! ^-^

This is a youtube giveaway, so you can check out the simple rules to enter it, by watching this video:

Here’s the link to my youtube channel: 🙂

I hope you like this giveaway and please let me know if you want more giveaways like these! 🙂

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Sugarpill – Limited edition eyeshadow!

Yay! 😀 The limited edition eyeshadow from Sugarpill, called “@#$%!” is now available for 3 days only at the Sugarpill site! 😀 It was sold exclusively at IMATS this year and I was afraid I’d never get it (since I live in Norway)… What can I say, I NEED it in my beloved Sugarpill collection, hehe ;D ❤ I just ordered it… Can’t wait to use this beauty!! ❤

A swatch of the shadow:

They have also come out with this ultra cute keychain, which I of course got as well! 😉 LOVE it! ❤

And last but not least, they’re now selling loose eyeshadow trios, for 30$ in stead of the actual value (36$)! I already have most of these loose shadows, so I didn’t get that, but I can definitely recommend them. 😉 My favorites are Royal Sugar, Goldilux, Decora, Absinthe, Darling and Paperdoll! ❤

Some of my looks, using the Chromalusts:

Royal Sugar, (the blue) :

Paperdoll, (light purple):

Darling on the lid, Paperdoll inside of the bow and Lumi in the inner corner:

I just had to tell you guys about this if you wanted to get the limited edition eyeshadow as well! 😀 You can get it, HERE! ❤

I hope you’ll have an amazing weekend!

GlitterGirlC 🙂

Black cut crease! ;D

Hi sweeties! ❤ I just posted a video on my Youtube channel (, on how I do a black cut crease. There are many ways of doing it, but this is the type I use most often. 😉 I got this request from a girl on Makeupbee and thought it was a great idea. ^-^

In contrast to the harsh black, I used some soft pastel colors on my lid. I thought it would be a cool, fun combination! 😉 The lid colors are all from Lime Crime’s “Palette D’ Antoinette” 😀 I hope you like the look! ❤

Products used:

  • Lime Crime – Candy eyed eyeshadow helper
  • NYX – Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
  • MAC – Blacktrack fluidline
  • Lime Crime – Eyeshadows in Lotus Noir, Ribbonesque, Royal Flush, Macarooned and Mercurious.
  • Lime Crime – Uniliner in Quill
  • Makeup Geek – Eyeshadow in Purely Naked
  • Sigma – Eyeshadow in Publicize
  • Maybelline – One by one mascara
  • Lahes from Ebay

For this look, I used the brushes in this Sigma brush kit: Performance Eyes Kit 😀

Have a wonderful day, guys! ❤

GlitterGirlC 🙂